Wireless Nurse Call Systems

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Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Wireless nurse call systems make it possible for patients in a skilled care setting or hospital to request help from their nurse from a mobile or wireless device. Residents of an independent or assisted living community may also use a wireless nurse call system to request help from community staff using a mobile wireless device. At Torrence Sound we have decades of experience assembling disparate technologies to solve our customers unique needs and applications. Wireless nurse call systems provide many of the features of wired nurse call light systems but with added flexibility and mobility of wireless. At Torrence Sound, we offer the Responder line of nurse call from Rauland-Borg. With these quality nurse call products, Torrence can provide our healthcare customers their residents and patients solutions to three of the most difficult problems facing any healthcare facilities:

  • Wireless Call Alert
  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff and Resident Locator

Simply alerting caregivers of residents or patients needs can be a major challenge. Torrence wireless nurse call and staff locator systems can offer healthcare providers solutions not only of getting patient call alerts to appropriate caregivers fast and efficiently but also, tracking their response with detailed reports. The healthcare systems specialists at Torrence are experts at using wireless nurse call, asset tracking, staff and resident locators to help hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, and independent living facilities respond to their patients needs faster and more appropriately.

Call Torrence today and ask how we can help your healthcare facility use technology to be more responsive to patients needs.

Wireless Phone Systems

Wireless Patient-to-Nurse Communication Solutions

Give your nurses the ability to communicate with patients in real time without limiting their mobility.

Wireless Offers Smarter Workflow

The system improves workflow by eliminating unnecessary steps. When a patient pushes a call button, the call gets routed directly to the appropriate caregiver’s mobile phone or re-routed to a back-up caregiver if necessary. Caregivers can respond to calls immediately without first going to the nurse station or patient’s room. Timed saved on each call leads to greater efficiency for staff members and their entire unit. By enhancing your staff’s mobility and allowing them to multi-task more effectively, wireless phone integration also helps support the evidence-based practice of rounding. Since caregivers can talk with their patients while they’re on the go, there are fewer interruptions to the rounding process.

Responder 5 integrates seamlessly with all major wireless phone systems to improve staff communication throughout your healthcare facility. Whether you use one vendor or operate in a blended environment, the Responder 5 is flexible enough to adapt to your technology of choice. Leveraging the Industry Standard The Responder system architecture supports implementation of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephony standard. Since compatibility is built directly into wireless handsets, this complete VoIP solution enables peer-to peer calls between phones and nurse-call beds. Staff can answer calls directly with no dial-back or middleware, so response time is immediate. To insure voice quality, the phone integration requires a dedicated nurse call network connection to the Responder 5 system. To isolate the voice traffic from the hospital network and guarantee a high degree of reliability, the telephony system resides on a Voice VLAN.

Wireless Call Lights for Ultimate Flexibility

Responder 5 integrates with all on site healthcare wireless phone systems, (VoIP, DECT, PWT or other), so you can choose the technology that’s right for you. This flexibility delivers two significant benefits:

  • Your current wireless phone solution will integrate with Responder 5 nurse call system.
  • You can choose any new wireless phone technology that meets your needs.

The healthcare telecommunications experts at Torrence Sound can design a complete nurse patient communication system specific to your hospitals patient care strategy that will provide an overall return on your investment by integrating with other systems, such as wireless phones, patient transport, real-time locating systems, electronic staff assignments and enterprise-wide reporting. The platform is easy to maintain, and its expandability keeps pace with changes in your hospital’s technologies.

Pocket Paging Systems

Today’s demanding healthcare environments require communications flexibility. Attending to patients/residents, keeping the halls quiet, and responding quickly are essential. That’s where Responder call light systems with pocket pagers come in. Torrence Sound has combined the affordable precision of pocket pagers with the easiest-to-use and most relied-upon nurse call system to give your patients or residents what they need. Rauland Responder brand of call lights with pocket page allows your staff to receive pages for their patient calls. Responder nurse call with pocket paging technology instantly notifies assigned caregivers of residents’ needs, making your staff more productive and efficient. It also promotes a quiet environment, creating a more comfortable atmosphere for residents.

Instant Notification

Using wireless nurse call with pocket pagers, LED wall signs, onsite cordless phones, or your staff’s own smartphone alerts from your call light system can go directly to assigned caregivers instantly eliminating delays in meeting patients or residents needs. It’s a quick, quiet and easy approach to quality patient or resident care.

Wireless Offers Staff Mobility

Nurses, aides, and administrators can receive patient calls from Torrence call light systems anywhere within the range of the wireless nurse call. Using staff assignment nurses can quickly and easily select the areas that they want to receive calls from. Selections can range from as small as a few rooms to the entire facility. A wireless nurse call system can be designed to cover a single area on a floor or an entire campus. Pocket paging goes wherever your staff members go no one is anchored to a central nurse station. Your staff can move about and be contacted anywhere in the facility.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Using wireless nurse call eliminates the need for overhead paging with detailed, targeted communications directed to specific caregivers. Faster responses with detailed information means more satisfied patients/residents and family members. The pocket pager that are part of a Torrence wireless nurse call system will receive notification when the patient call is cancelled, saving time and increasing productivity by coordinating the efforts of skilled nursing staff through better communication.

Wireless Real Time Location Systems

One of the biggest obstacles of efficiency for hospitals is finding staff and equipment quickly, without disturbing patients. Traditionally, there were two ways to find people. One was to walk from room to room and look for them, which wasted valuable time. The other was to page for them, which disturbed patients. Now there is another option: the integrated wireless real time location systems from Torrence Sound.

Torrence Sound exclusively designs and installs Rauland Responder brand of wireless locator systems and patient call systems. Responder systems by Rauland have revolutionized hospital communications by giving nurses a fast and flexible way to communicate without disturbing patients.

Now, with the combined power of wireless Responder nurse call, hospital personnel can quickly, easily, and quietly identify where a particular staff member is and target communications to just that room. The wireless real time locator system uses a small lightweight transmitter that clips on to a shirt or jacket, much like a badge. Once a staff member has logged on to the system and attaches the transmitter, the system is able to locate the staff member until he or she logs off.

When a staff member enters the room of a patient who has called for help, the system automatically cancels any non-emergency calls and registers the staff member in the room. Wireless locators systems from Torrence use IEEE 802.11ac IP and proprietary technology to offer hospitals the ability to:

Locate and Communicate with Caregivers

  • Realtime display of Staff & Equipment Location
  • Indication in corridor of staff location
  • Hands-free canceling of patient calls
  • Document response with management software

Too often, the exact location of portable equipment cannot be quickly and easily determined. Rauland asset tracking system locators attached to each piece of portable hardware can help supervisors track and route such equipment. Once a staff member is located with the Rauland nurse call system, communications can be easily targeted to their exact location without the use of intrusive overhead paging. When a staff member enters the room of a patient who has called for help, the the Rauland nurse call system automatically cancels any non-emergency calls and registers the staff member as being in that particular room.

Other nurse call locator devices typically require multi-step procedures that can be confusing and/or time consuming. With Rauland Responder 5, all it takes is three easy steps and a staff member is ready to begin his or her shift.

The staff members simply tell the system who they are, what rooms they’ve been assigned to, and what tag they are wearing. And because Responder 5 and the wireless locator system work off of the same hospital wide network, staff members only have to enter their information one time, even if they work on more than one floor. And in a critical situation, knowing where staff or residents are is immensely important. Wireless real time location information provides hospitals, nursing homes, assisted and independent living facilities a means of two way communication and vital statistics about the person, such as temperature and posture.

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