Ways Security Integrators Can Offer Surveillance Services to Small Businesses

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Ways Security Integrators Can Offer Surveillance Services to Small Businesses

Ways Security Integrators Can Offer Surveillance Services to Small Businesses

A great way security integrators can offer their surveillance services to small businesses is by outlining exactly where cameras should go to achieve best results.

Businesses need advanced protection in order to thrive. From employee theft to outside criminal activity, there are plenty of people who wish to take advantage of a company’s lack of security.

Criminals often target residential properties in hopes of stealing some money, but businesses are even more at risk of being burglarized. In fact, Knight Security Systems reports that in 2014, there were 1.7 million burglaries in the U.S. and businesses were actually four times more likely to be burglarized than homes.

Thanks to a lack of company surveillance (or ineffective equipment), small businesses lose between $25,000 and $33,000 per minute to these criminals.

That’s where security integrators come in to make sure that these crimes do not happen and keep small businesses protected at all times. Here are the four major surveillance services that security integrators can offer small businesses:

  1. General Safety
  2. Theft Prevention
  3. Protection from Lawsuits
  4. Insurance Benefits

A great way security integrators can offer their surveillance services to small businesses is by outlining exactly where these surveillance cameras should go to achieve maximum efficiency and security.

When offering surveillance services to business owners, inform them of the following camera placement tips and information:

Points of Transaction

In order for your small business clients to keep their company’s finances in check, they have to ensure that every transaction occurs in a secure environment. Having surveillance systems overseeing every point of transaction is the only way to ensure this protection when money is being processed or exchanged. Show them the importance of aiming the cameras low enough to get the hands, head and torso of each person interacting with any money.

Entrances and Exists

Inform each small businesses owner you’re pitching to about how important it is to have a camera overseeing every entrance and exit area on their property.

Reception Desks

Whatever industry your clients are in, they will likely have some form of reception worker who interacts with dozens of people each day. These interactions should be videotaped as well in the event of a theft so they can go back and see who entered and exited the building and at what time.

The Building’s Exterior

The only way to fully ensure a building is secure is to have surveillance cameras watching the exterior of the property. Inform your small business customers about the importance of interior security, yes, but don’t forget about exterior surveillance.

Remote Areas

Certain businesses have isolated areas that require additional surveillance. Talk to the business owner about having cameras installed in break rooms, closets, coolers, storage areas and other less popular areas to ensure total surveillance.

Companies need to be safe places to work and visit and that’s nearly impossible to achieve without some form of surveillance. Without advanced security systems, businesses, no matter their size, wouldn’t be able to remain successful.

It’s up to the security integrators of the world to continue providing surveillance services to businesses in order to protect employees, property, company integrity and revenues.

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