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Wauseon High School

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Wauseon High School

Wauseon High School

Wauseon High School Auditorium

wauseon-audiriumTorrence Sound of Perrysburg, Ohio, recently brought a new lease on life to a high school auditorium in Wauseon, Ohio with a streamlined sound system upgrade featuring a combination of Electro-Voice Xi and EVF loudspeakers.

The Wauseon High School auditorium is a typical, wide, 450-500-seat high school auditorium,” explains Fred Lammers, Technology Sales Engineer with Torrence Sound, who worked closely with the school to determine their audio requirements and a budget-friendly solution. “In addition to better overall performance, the school’s main goal was to achieve better gain-before-feedback on the stage. They had some hanging microphones that were practically useless due to this issue. The school also had a number of perfectly good amplifiers; we felt that the speakers they had in there were the real problem, and that’s where we suggested they focus their budget.”

After considering three potential designs that Torrence engineer department staff put together, the school opted to go with a system that achieved complete coverage with just three loudspeakers – a single Xi-2123A/106F (3-way, 2 x 12”, 100° H x 60° V) loudspeaker for the main center speaker and two EVF-1122S/94 (2-way, 1 x 12”, 90° H x 40° V) for side-fills. “We also outfitted the space with new wireless mics and a couple of extra amps,” Lammers continues, “but that was it. This combination hit the mark in terms of both price and performance – these boxes give the school the pattern control and intelligibility they had been lacking, and the feedback issues are gone.”

wauseon-high-schoolAnother detail that sets this apart from a usual auditorium install is the fact that the system was given rave reviews by two very experienced local sound system professionals – completely independent of each other. “That really validated the system design and the value these loudspeakers offer,” Lammers explains. “One of our senior installers told me it was the best system he’d ever heard in a high school in his 26 years in the business. And then John Spencer, one of our project managers, came up and said basically the same thing. When two professionals with over 40 years of combined experience say that, it means a lot – to say they’ve heard a lot of systems is an understatement

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