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Keep Your Vulnerable Residents Safe And Secure

Wander management is now a standard security component found in assisted living and long-term care communities. In its simplest form, exterior doors locked using integrated Crash Bars and MagLocks create a basic wander management system. As a resident pushes on the crash bar, an alarm will sound alerting staff of a potential elopement. Per the fire code, the door will release with continuous pressure on the crash bar after 15 seconds, but the alarm at the doorway and nurse stations provide ample time for staff to gently intervene. These alerts can also be integrated to wireless devices carried by staff for additional coverage of the alarms.

In dedicated memory care units, elopement is a serious concern. Much like the infant security systems Torrence installs in hospital Labor & Delivery units, wander care solutions utilize wearable wireless transmitters that automatically lock doors and sends out an alert to staff when a transmitter is detected by antennas mounted near the doorway. Alerts can include alarms at the door, nurse station, overhead speakers, and wireless alerts to phones carried by staff. With more advanced integrations, text messages, emails and PC screen pops can also be a part of the alerting protocol.

The resident wears the wearable transmitter with a soft fabric band. The fabric band includes “cut band” technology that automatically senses and alerts if the band has been cut or pulled off. This technology provides residents the freedom to move about their unit and join in community activities like meals, entertainment, and exercise without the staff having to diligently keep watch. The wander system can be expanded to cover outdoor areas like gardens and nature areas to provide more freedom and enjoyment for residents while still maintaining the secure environment that families expect.

Wander management solutions require careful consideration of the community footprint and surrounding grounds. Trust the sales professionals, engineers, and technical staff at Torrence to have the knowledge and tools to provide a safe and secure environment for the residents in your care.

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