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Safety and Security Begins with Situational Awareness Provided by Intelligent Video

video-securityKeeping a safe, watchful eye on people in public spaces is challenging, especially in a healthcare setting where staff must interact with people during their most pained and stressful moments. Beyond the tense situations that can occur in an Emergency Department, healthcare facilities must balance safety with the desire to provide an open and inviting atmosphere to the community they serve.  Patient outcomes are improved when family, friends, and clergy visit frequently to offer encouragement. Access Control systems can help prevent unauthorized access to areas that must be secure, but vast areas of a hospital have to be open to the public.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities were early adopters of security camera technology to help maintain the safety of their staff and the public. The advancements in security camera technology have been profound. The grainy video from low-resolution analog cameras has been replaced with megapixel IP cameras storing HD quality video onto terabytes of inexpensive hard drives. Video Management Software (VMS) with sophisticated search tools has made forensic review of stored video much quicker than the cumbersome process of scrolling through hours of videotape.

There will always be a need to review recorded video to obtain a clear understanding of events, but the new challenge is to use video and access control technology to anticipate trouble and provide insight to respond to events as they are happening.

The proliferation of cost-effective security cameras that can capture and record events with great clarity has created a new problem – how do you watch dozens, if not hundreds of cameras and respond to events occurring in real-time?

real-time-video-securityMost smaller hospitals don’t have a dedicated security staff member watching live video in a security office. Security departments in larger hospitals have deployed hundreds of surveillance cameras covering broad areas indoors and out, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. While video data is increasing, one person can only watch a limited amount of activity. People quickly lose their ability to concentrate, and suspicious movements on the screen are frequently overlooked.

Intelligent Video
intelligent-videoIntelligent Video (IV) is also referred to as Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Video Analytics (VA). Intelligent Video automatically analyzes the video stream and extracts useful information from images such as detecting intruders or unattended packages. Typical IV applications include Video Motion Detection, Video Pattern Matching, Auto Tracking and linkage to Access Control events. Intelligent Video works behind the scenes 24 hours a day without stopping, improving surveillance accuracy and effectiveness. When combined with an IP based Video Management System (VMS), Intelligent Video alerts can be sent real-time to PCs  and smart phones so action can be taken the moment the event is taking place.

How Intelligent Video Works

Hospital staff face countless frustrations throughout their workday: communications overload, lack of standardized processes, and dissatisfaction with their existing communication and security products.

That’s why most healthcare organizations have been investing significant amounts of time, energy, and resources into technologies to improve safety, communication, and data sharing.

Torrence is at the forefront of the leading IT-based healthcare communication solutions that drive improved patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and overall campus security.

Common Solutions

  • Nurse Call
  • Staff Locator Systems
  • Phone & Alert Integration
  • Paging & Automated Codes
  • Access Control & Video Surveillance
  • Video Communication Solutions
  • Fire Alarm

Hospital Solutions

Nurse Call

  • Mobility Solutions
  • Alert Integration
  • Staff Locator Systems


  • Clinical Communication
  • Automated Codes
  • Clocks

Access Control

  • Building Security
  • Infant Security


  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Clinical Whiteboard

Fire Alarm

  • Life Safety

Nurse Call

Access Control

  • Need content


Fire Alarm

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Torrence Healthcare Communications Solutions

Our Rauland Responder Enterprise Nurse Call solution integrates Wireless Phones, Real-Time-Location-Systems (RTLS), Patient Monitors, Smart Beds, Digital Patient Room Whiteboards, and Automated Code Announcements into one cohesive system. The result is faster response times, less noise, improved outcomes, increased patient and staff satisfaction, and reduced costs related to falls, infections, and security events.

Similarly, our Lenel OnGuard open source security platform integrates Access Control, Surveillance Video, Fire, and Intrusion into one global management platform.

From Critical Access to multi-location IDNs, Torrence can scale our advanced healthcare solutions to meet your needs.

The Torrence team of BICSI, NiCet, and CTS Certified Application Engineers, Installers, Service Technicians, and dedicated Account Managers are familiar and fluent with the unique requirements of working in acute care healthcare environments. We work closely with your management staff to ensure all work is done safely, correctly, and with minimal interruption to your staff and patient’s daily routines.

Rely on Torrence to provide expert design, installation, and service of critical life-safety and advanced communications systems that are an integral part of the healthcare process.

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