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Whatever the video need, Torrence has the expertise to provide professionally designed, easy-to-use video solutions for your community activities.

  • Projectors and large Flat Panel Displays
  • Custom Audio/Video Control Systems
  • Video Recording Systems
  • Video Distribution

Whenever a group large or small gathers to watch a video event using consumer-focused equipment, there is often trouble getting started, difficulty changing video sources, and correctly shutting down the system. Whether it’s “armchair travel” night in the community room or training videos in a staff room, Torrence can provide a simplified control system that automatically configures the video system based on custom programmed buttons like “Play DVD,” “Watch TV,” “YouTube,” or “Computer Video.”

To simplify operation, occupancy sensors can be integrated into the system design to automatically turn the video presentation system On when someone enters the room and Off when they leave. Video presentations can be presented wirelessly from laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and the system can dynamically adjust the layout shown on the display based on the source video attributes.

For added versatility, a wireless mic system can be linked to a companion sound system for presenter audio. Torrence has decades of experience designing sound systems that are tuned for voice quality and clarity. Further, Torrence can configure your presentation area with an Inductive Loop hearing assist system. An Inductive Loop helps those with hearing aids hear audio from the video playback or presentation speaker directly through the T-Coils in their hearing aids.

We also provide systems that will broadcast audio to resident-owned smartphones equipped with Bluetooth hearing aid transmitters.

Consider also video recording systems for your presentation area so important events can be recorded for viewing later, or streamed live so residents can watch in their room using their personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Video recordings of church services in the chapel are also becoming popular again as cable TV providers have switched to digital cable making it more challenging to offer a live “community broadcast” channel available in every room. Torrence has the technology to insert a local channel into digital cable TV, but the equipment cost to provide an easy-to-use solution is a significant investment.

Torrence has decades of experience designing custom video presentation and recording systems. Our video systems are used in hospitals, assisted living, government, education, business, industry, and churches throughout NW Ohio and SE Michigan. Call Torrence to speak with a professional healthcare account representative, or use the convenient Request a Quote form to schedule a free on-site evaluation and quote.

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