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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Telepresence Video Conferencing System

Telepresence video conferencing systems can provide significant financial and competitive advantages. At Torrence, our communication systems experts know how to create video conferencing systems that will redefine your meeting experience. A professionally designed video conferencing system can give you the sensation of being in the same room, at the same table.
Clarity and convenience of conversation does not have to be sacrificed when you allow us to design your telepresence video conferencing system.

Our telepresence video conferencing systems will:

  • Speed up sales cycle
  • Reduce travel cost
  • Reduce travel time
  • Increase accessibility of remote resources
  • Expand customer base

At Torrence, our telepresence designs focus intently on the experience of the meeting participants. Meetings will be started simply and intuitively even by untrained users. Communications will flow and information will be shared with participants virtually unaware of the technology. Torrence video conferencing solutions are an exclusive forum for natural communication. Our consistent room design and lighting create openness while making participants appear almost 3-D.

Before you invest in a video conferencing system, our professionals at Torrence will sit down with you to determine what will work best for your company’s specific needs. There are lots of things to consider that our team can discuss with you so your decision to invest in a video conferencing system can be an educated and informed one.

For example, our staff can determine if your network is capable of supporting a system, if you have appropriate bandwidth, and what features and options you will need so your system can grow with your business. We can also explain to you what hardware and software systems work best to bring you the best quality for your budget. At Torrence, we know the newest trends in telepresence video conferencing systems technology and we assure you we have a solution that is perfect for your needs.

Call Torrence Sound today! Our Education market specialists will perform a no cost technology valuation for you.


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