Trouble ahead for 600 MHz Wireless Mic Users

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Trouble ahead for 600 MHz Wireless Mic Users

Trouble ahead for 600 MHz Wireless Mic Users

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Recent FCC 600 MHz Auction will impact many wireless mic users.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently auctioned off a large portion of wireless frequencies typically used for wireless mics. The FCC has ruled that users must cease operating their 614-698 MHz wireless systems no later than July 13th, 2020. Details about the FCC decision can be found at:
This change will affect roughly half of all wireless systems in use today!
If your Wireless Mics or In-Ear-Monitor systems operate in the 600 MHz band, they ultimately will have to be replaced with new systems.
How do I find out if my wireless mics are OK?
Torrence will do a free onsite evaluation. We’ll provide a written report listing the frequency of each wireless system you have, and identify any 600 MHz wireless mic systems that will need to be replaced.
Contact Torrence for help
Click the link below to sign-up for our free onsite evaluation and written report. We’ll also check the general condition of your wireless systems, and offer suggestions on how to make your mics sound their best.

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