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Link Your Life Safety Systems For Complete Situational Awareness

Torrence is a “Systems Integration” company. We engineer and install components and system solutions from a wide variety of suppliers into a customized system designed for your specific needs. Nowhere is that more important than in assisted living and skilled care communities charged with keeping residents safe, secure, and comfortable.

Total Security Integration considers all of the safety, security, and communications systems in your facility – linking them together to provide immediate awareness of events as they are occurring. Every alert – from fire, nurse call, elopement, security breaches, staff duress, or video surveillance can be aggregated, prioritized, and transmitted to the right person, on any device, in real-time. Even environmental systems like water lines, HVAC, and refrigeration can be fitted with sensors, so they become part of the monitored integration.

As commercial electronic systems have become more network-based, integrating the alerts from these systems is now more powerful and affordable than ever before. Even older technology can often be adapted, with the alerts digitized and sent out as voice, text, email, public address, and computer screen-pop messages. Security alerts can be programmed to automatically contact local authorities and service professionals, saving precious time in an emergency.

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