Torrence “Virtual Paging” solution installed at Maumee elementary school

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Torrence “Virtual Paging” solution installed at Maumee elementary school

Torrence “Virtual Paging” solution installed at Maumee elementary school

Summary: Torrence has implemented their “Virtual PA” system at Fort Miami Elementary School in Maumee, Ohio, integrating the school’s communication tools into a unified system for efficient broadcast and emergency management. This system, part of a district-wide initiative, combines VOiP phones, computer networks, and security systems, managed by a Digital Paging Gateway/Controller for paging, lockdowns, and announcements. The Maumee School District, which began this integration at the high school in 2018, plans to extend it to all schools by 2020. This initiative aligns with the district’s commitment to enhancing safety and communication efficiency in its schools.

Industry: Education
Category: Integrated Communication System Installation
Processes: System Integration, Emergency Management Setup, Network and VOIP Integration, Centralized Control and Monitoring

Fort Miami Elementary School, part of the Maumee School District, faced the challenge of modernizing and streamlining its communication infrastructure. The school required a system that could not only handle daily announcements and bell schedules but also integrate seamlessly with emergency response protocols. The need was for a unified system that could manage diverse communication tools, including VOiP phones, computer networks, and security systems, in a cohesive manner. This integration was crucial to ensure effective communication during both routine school operations and in emergency situations, enhancing overall safety and operational efficiency.

Torrence Sound was chosen for this significant project due to their extensive experience and proven track record in designing and implementing integrated communication systems, particularly in educational settings. With over 80 years of experience, Torrence Sound has established itself as a leader in creating sophisticated communication solutions that are both effective and user-friendly. Their expertise in tailoring systems to meet the specific needs of a school environment, while ensuring ease of use and reliability, made them an ideal choice for the Maumee School District.

The solution provided by Torrence Sound was a comprehensive, integrated communication system known as the “Virtual PA.” This system brought together the school’s existing VOiP phones, computer network, and security systems into a centralized control platform. Managed by a Digital Paging Gateway/Controller, the Virtual PA allowed for seamless handling of general and emergency paging, automated lockdown procedures, scheduled announcements, and the management of bell schedules. This level of integration meant that announcements could be made live or pre-recorded and initiated from various access points such as desk phones, computers, emergency buttons, or dedicated paging microphones. The system’s flexibility also meant that it could be configured to work with existing infrastructure, making it a cost-effective solution.

The installation of the Virtual PA system at Fort Miami Elementary School marked a significant improvement in the school’s communication capabilities. The system provided a more streamlined and efficient way to manage daily announcements and emergency responses. By integrating various communication tools into a single platform, the school benefited from a reduction in response times during emergencies, increased clarity and reach of announcements, and overall enhanced operational efficiency. This integration was particularly important in ensuring that important messages were delivered promptly and clearly to all parts of the school.

The impact of the new communication system on Fort Miami Elementary School and the broader Maumee School District has been substantial. The enhanced communication capabilities have not only improved the day-to-day management of school activities but have also significantly bolstered the school’s emergency response protocols. The Virtual PA system aligns with the district’s commitment to providing a safe, secure, and efficiently managed educational environment for its students and staff. The success at Fort Miami Elementary has set a precedent for the district, leading to plans for extending the system to all schools in the district by 2020, further demonstrating the system’s effectiveness and the value it adds to the educational environment.


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