Torrence Security Camera Design Guide

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Torrence Security Camera Design Guide

Torrence Security Camera Design Guide

Long Term Care communities are investing in security solutions for a wide variety of reasons; including, employee safety, resident safety, theft prevention, and lawsuit mitigation. While rare elder abuse stories make the headlines, violence against staff, resident to resident violence, and incidents related to the opioid epidemic are also pressing concerns for LTC administrators. 

Security cameras provide a real-time view of unfolding events, and new Video Management Software (VMS) provides intuitive search tools to locate and copy video for investigations quickly. Cost-effective solutions allow linking Security Video and Access Control systems, so it’s easy to unlock a door with a mouse click on your PC while viewing a door, or automatically tag the video every time a badge or FOB is swiped for access (ideal for sensitive areas like Med-Rooms.)

Torrence can install a professional HD video security system for a fraction of what the cost was a few years ago. And when linked to our companion Access Control systems, you have an effective security system allowing you to manage both external and internal threats. 

Torrence has been providing Security Video and Access Control systems to hospitals, corporations, and government agencies for years. Our engineers and staff of professional installers and technicians have decades of combined experience working with this technology.  As the premier provider of nurse call systems in NW Ohio and SE Michigan, our team is well versed in the delicacies of working in active healthcare environments.

There are hundreds of inexpensive video system kits online, and dozens of new “security companies” offering inexpensive video camera systems. If you compare the system features, professional installation, and ongoing support offered by Torrence, you’ll see how cost-effective a professionally installed Torrence system can be. 

When planning for a new security camera installation, a comprehensive Needs Analysis/Site Survey (NASS) is required to identify all areas that need to be covered by security cameras. The NASS helps the system designer choose the right cameras and ideal mounting locations. 

The wide range of security camera types, capabilities, and costs can be overwhelming. The Torrence Security Camera Design Guide linked below includes the Needs Analysis and Site Survey questions our design team uses to estimate the quantity, quality, and types of cameras you’ll need for your campus.

CLICK THE LINK: Torrence Security Camera Design Guide

Torrence is happy to perform a complete Needs Analysis, Site Survey, and Quote for a fully installed and warranted Video Security system. Free in-service training is included with every system installation. Torrence onsite service is available 24/7/365 for every system we install. Contact your Torrence Account Administrator to schedule an appointment at 419-661-0678 or email your contact information to [email protected].

Torrence designs and installs Security Camera systems, Access Control systems, Wander & Elopement systems, Overhead Paging, Emergency Messaging systems, Wired and Wireless Nurse Call, Wireless Phones, Pagers, and Radio Communications systems for Long Term Care Facilities. Contact us for a free onsite consultation and quote. 

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