Perrysburg Schools adds Woodland Elementary to its Virtual PA network

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Perrysburg Schools adds Woodland Elementary to its Virtual PA network

Perrysburg Schools adds Woodland Elementary to its Virtual PA network

Summary: Torrence Sound successfully enhanced the communication and security infrastructure of Woodland Elementary, part of the Perrysburg School District, through their state-of-the-art Virtual PA system. This IP-based solution integrates VOiP phones, security, and paging into a district-wide system, providing Woodland Elementary with advanced features like automated paging, bell schedules, a building-wide lockdown function, and a classroom check-in feature. The system also includes panic buttons for classroom emergencies, with plans to add medical, staff/visitor duress, and weather advisories. The installation has significantly improved the school’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively in critical situations, offering a streamlined and efficient emergency response system.

Industry: Education
Category: Integrated Communication System Installation
Processes: IP-Based System Integration, Emergency Management Configuration, User-Friendly Interface Design, Comprehensive System Testing and Reporting

Woodland Elementary required an advanced communication system that could handle not only day-to-day announcements and schedules but also provide robust emergency management capabilities. The school needed a solution that could quickly and efficiently handle situations like lockdowns, classroom emergencies, and future expansions like medical and weather advisories.

Torrence Sound was selected for their expertise in creating integrated, IP-based communication systems that could seamlessly blend various components such as VOiP phones, security systems, and paging into a unified platform. Their proven track record in similar installations for educational institutions made them a reliable choice for Woodland Elementary.

Torrence Sound installed their Virtual PA system at Woodland Elementary, a comprehensive solution that included automated paging, bell schedules, a lockdown function, and a classroom check-in feature. The system also featured panic buttons in classrooms for immediate emergency alerts. The installation was part of a district-wide initiative to enhance communication and safety protocols.

The implementation of the Virtual PA system significantly improved the school’s emergency response capabilities. The system’s ability to integrate various communication tools into a cohesive network has made it possible for staff to respond more effectively and swiftly in critical situations, enhancing the overall safety and security of the school environment.

The new communication system has been instrumental in elevating the safety standards at Woodland Elementary. The school now has a robust, efficient, and user-friendly system for managing daily communications as well as responding to emergencies. This has brought peace of mind to staff, students, and parents, knowing that the school is equipped with a state-of-the-art system for handling potential crises.

Torrence is proud to work with the Perrysburg School District as it works toward its 2020 vision as stated in their new mission statement:


Where passion drives exemplary education.


Ensuring all students achieve their greatest potential.

Core values

• We value students as individuals.

• We inspire students to discover their passion.

• We challenge our students and ourselves.

• We provide a safe and inclusive environment.

• We manage resources efficiently.

• We enrich our community.

• We are trailblazers.

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