The End is Near (Again)

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The End is Near (Again)

The End is Near (Again)

Here we go again. Your critical systems may be affected by this Windows End-of-Support announcement.

Many of the critical systems we install, like Nurse Call, Access Control, and Security Cameras, use Windows-based PCs and Servers to control the hardware and manage the day-to-day operations. When the PC or software that controls a critical system becomes obsolete, it’s often not possible to simply update the PC or Server. It may be the old proprietary critical system software won’t run on a newer machine,  or the new PC no longer includes the ports to connect to your older critical system hardware.

Our bigger clients with in-house IT departments are very familiar with End-of-Life and End-of-Support announcement for the servers, PCs and network components they manage.  IT tends to plan and budget for system replacements at regular intervals because speed and security are mission-critical elements for running their operations.

Fortunately, Torrence is staffed with engineers and techs with a wide variety of skills. We’ve kept many older systems running because we’re experts at the systems we install. But when changes in technology make a system you rely on obsolete, an upgrade is the only option.

Let us help you prepare by providing budgets to replace your obsolete systems. Your sales engineer will meet to review your current requirements and give you a written estimate to update your system with current technology.

We have options to finance the upgrade and Managed Utility programs to ensure your life-safety and high-value technology systems will always be current.

Call 419-661-0678 and ask to speak with Healthcare Account Manager Mark Moore or Denise Staples to schedule an onsite systems consultation. Or, email your inquiry to Please include your name, facility name, phone number, and the best time to reach you.

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