Enhancing Historic Reverence at St. Patrick’s with Torrence Sound

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Enhancing Historic Reverence at St. Patrick’s with Torrence Sound

Enhancing Historic Reverence at St. Patrick’s with Torrence Sound

Summary: Torrence Sound Equipment Company utilized Renkus-Heinz ICONYX Digitally Steerable Array technology to upgrade the audio system at the Historic Church of St. Patrick in Toledo, Ohio, a landmark built in 1892. The renovation aimed to enhance clarity and intelligibility for modern audiences in this acoustically challenging neo-Gothic space. The project involved installing two IC24 Digitally Steerable Arrays, repurposing existing speakers and amplifiers, and adding new microphones, ensuring clear communication and musical support without disrupting the church’s historic interior. This upgrade, part of a broader restoration effort, improved the audio experience for the congregation and complemented the church’s architectural beauty and historical significance.

Industry: Religious and Historical Venues
Category: Historic Church Audio System Upgrade
Processes: Array Installation, Acoustic Optimization, Historic Preservation, Audio Repurposing

The Historic Church of St. Patrick needed to improve audio clarity and intelligibility in its neo-Gothic structure, which posed acoustical challenges due to its long reverb time and large interior volume.

Torrence Sound was chosen for their longstanding relationship with St. Patrick’s and their expertise in audio system upgrades in historically significant buildings.

Torrence Sound installed two IC24 Digitally Steerable Arrays from Renkus-Heinz, designed to enhance audio intelligibility while preserving the church’s historic interior. The company also strategically repurposed existing speakers and amplifiers and installed new microphones to optimize audio distribution and quality.

The installation of the Iconyx arrays and additional equipment significantly improved speech intelligibility and music quality, benefiting the 1000-member congregation and enhancing the overall worship experience.

The audio system upgrade harmonized with the church’s architectural beauty, supporting its revitalization and ongoing efforts to serve the greater Toledo Catholic community. The improvement in sound quality has enriched the worship experience, aligning with the church’s historical restoration and preservation goals.

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