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Communication & Security Solutions for Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities in Northwest Ohio

Torrence Sound Equipment Company’s skilled care systems for nursing homes and retirement communities integrate trusted brands to convey critically urgent messages. Our skilled care communication systems are highly specialized and often fully integrated into a larger facility information system.

At Torrence Sound, we have been working with skilled care professionals for decades and understand how to optimize their unique communications and workflow needs. Having a professionally designed skilled care communications system positively impacts the daily operations of nurses and staff ensuring their focus remains on caring for patients, with all having the security of their caregivers being accessible in a matter of seconds.

Common Solutions

  • Wireless Alert Systems for Retirement Communities
  • Improved Care Delivery at Nursing Homes
  • Nurse Call, Asset Tracking, & Staff Locator Systems
  • Nursing Home Security Systems
  • Door Security
  • Geriatric Security Video Conferencing

Skilled-Care Facility Technology Solutions

Wireless Alert Systems for Retirement Communities

Integrated electronic systems that add significantly to the safety and security of retirement communities. Residents can be provided a small wireless pendant which can be comfortably worn as a necklace, wristband, or kept in a pocket. The pendants have a button that can alert staff of their location.


  • Save lives in emergency situations
  • Provide real-time information throughout the building
  • Integrate with video systems and access control software

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Improved Care Delivery at Nursing Homes

A Skilled Nursing Facility today faces many complex challenges—staff and resident satisfaction, better communication, improved safety, efficient workflows. Overcoming these challenges requires an effective approach that integrates staff and technology as a unified solution.


  • Residents feel safe and secure
  • Staff enabled to deliver efficient care
  • Families feel confident their loved one is cared for

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Nurse Call, Asset Tracking, & Staff Locator Systems

Simply locating caregivers, patients, or equipment when needed can sometimes be a major challenge. Rauland nurse call and staff locator systems can provide real time location information as well as provide a means of two way communication and vital statistics about the person, such as temperature and posture.


  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff Locator

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Nursing Home Security

When it comes to nursing home/retirement facility security systems, we have the expertise and experience required to address your most challenging problems.


  • Access control
  • Video surveillance security systems
  • Central command center
  • Swipe card access
  • Intruder alarms

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Customer Feedback

Over our 5-year history with Responder, we’ve never experienced any issues or problems. Given that history, we jumped at the opportunity to migrate to the latest and newest Responder 5000 technology.”

Denise Jager

Director of Nursing


Rauland Long-Term Care Communications System

Case Studies

Quality Long-Term Care Communications Systems

We understand that skilled care workers require accurate, timely communications, and information that must be delivered in a simple and intuitive procedure. Our skilled care communication systems do just that. Traditional nurse call systems connect use out date communications, whereas Torrence uses technologies connected through a LAN that greatly improves the comfort and security of patients as well as the productivity of the entire facility. Offering skilled care communications solutions such as the Responder family of products from Rauland-Borg, Torrence can totally integrated your nursing home communication system with the use of real time location devices, network enabled wireless devices, pagers, cordless telephones, software, video cameras, and displays as well as ADA-compliant silent message boards.

Call Torrence today for a no cost technology evaluation by one of our skilled care communication systems specialists. We are experts at designing, installing, and supporting skilled care communication and nursing home systems.

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