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Nexo Stadium Sound Systems

When it comes to stadium sound systems, sound engineers are faced with a unique set of challenges so it is important to consult the experienced professionals at Torrence Sound. We have designed and installed some of the most technologically sophisticated stadium sound and large venue PA systems in Northwest Ohio including the Lucas County Arena, Fifth Third Field home of the Toledo Mud Hens, the Stroh Center Arena on the Bowling Green State university, University of Toledo Glass Bowl Stadium, Doyt L. Perry Stadium on the Bowling Green State university campus, Whitmer High School’s Memorial Stadium in the Washington Local school system and the Wauseon High School auditorium in Wauseon, Ohio.

We truly are your local specialty systems contractor with experience in the design and construction of:

  • Nexo Stadium Sound Systems
  • Arena Sound Systems
  • Large Venue PA Systems
  • Auditorium Sound Systems

Stadium Sound System Design

Modern sports stadiums and arenas have evolved into multi-purpose facilities where patrons and fans expect to experience events not only with clear play by play announcements but also to be entertained with high energy music from a full range stadium sound system. Fulfilling these expectations is a routine part of every stadium and arena sound system project for Torrence Sound. Designing and installing sound systems for a variety of events such as concerts, rodeos, political or religious rallies, and tractor pulls that deliver a positive sound experience for every seat in the house for every event requires the expertise of a specialty contractor like Torrence Sound. There are several the unique challenges of designing and building loudspeaker arrays to deliver intelligible voice and music for large venues.

Listed below are a few critical aspects that must always be considered in the design of a Stadium sound systems and arena sound systems:

  • Atmospheric conditions – Stadium sound is affected by the atmosphere that is in constant motion from wind, temperature gradients and other factors. The greater the distance between the sound waves must travel between the source and the receiver, the more fluctuations to the sound
  • Acoustic environment – Stadium sound will react with the acoustic environment which will change depending upon whether the stadium is enclosed or open. Concave geometries that are quite prevalent in modern facilities will also require special consideration for quality stadium sound to be delivered uniformly. Reverberation, reflections and timing are critical factors that must be considered in stadium sound system design.
  • Control of Dynamics – There are many variables to any given event and control of stadium sound falls into overlapping categories such as optimization of system performance, compensation for dynamics of program material, system protection, crowd noise. Minimizing community noise flowing out towards residential neighborhoods may also be a concern that should be addressed in a stadium sound system.

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