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Rauland School Security Systems

Providing effective security for a school campus, school building or educational facility requires much more than quality electronic security systems. Effective school security requires a comprehensive security program that includes carefully constructed countermeasures that can be generally categorized as:

  • Operational
  • Electronic
  • Architectural

It’s imperative that each of these countermeasures and their subcomponents be uniquely developed to suite your specific institution based on geographic location, staff, students, and anticipated threats. The most important aspect of a school security program is keeping staff well informed of school security procedures, continuously training, and drilling in-situ with their students.

“Knowing how to respond quickly and efficiently in a crisis is critical to ensuring the safety school staff and students. The midst of a crisis is not the time to start figuring out who ought to do what. At that moment, everyone involved from top to bottom should know the drill and know each other”

– Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings

Electronic systems designed specifically for security in educational environments by Torrence Sound can profoundly improve your school’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently by automating electronic system responses such as: dialing 911, locking or unlocking doors, and informing staff and students by using text messaging, visual signals, voice instructions, and alert tones.

School Security with Rauland Telecenter

Torrence Sound is the northwest Ohio distributor of Rauland Telecenter Campus a network communications solution that can provide clear, intelligible, real time voice instructions using a public address system that is centrally monitored, centrally controlled and supervised. Rauland Telecenter is a sound, public address, and intercom system with programmable signaling, event schedules and many security features designed specifically for educational facilities. Broadcasting intelligible instructions real time to staff and students during a crisis is an essential feature of electronic school security systems so much, it has been written into NFPA 72 with the addition of chapter 24. These changes were considered to be so significant that the title of NFPA 72 has been changed from National Fire Alarm Code to National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

One Click Lock Down

Torrence integrated school security systems are based on world class products like Lenel OnGuard access control and Lenel Prism video systems. The school security experts at Torrence design security systems that can lock down a school building or an entire campus from a single button click or even as an automated response to a sequence of events. When a security threat is localized our intelligent zoned systems can lock interior doors nearest the threat while simultaneously directing staff and students at safe distances to exits away from the threat using automated messages and guided egress.

During an emergency panic, noise, or dense smoke can impede a safe timely escape away from a security threat. Guided egress systems from Torrence use audible exit technology to direct occupants to the nearest exits reducing evacuation times to save lives and reduce injuries.

A school security program will not be complete or effective without quality electronic security systems that are properly implemented and maintained. The security systems experts at Torrence have been providing technology to make schools safer for more than eighty years.

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