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Mass Notification System Integration with Nexo Loudspeakers

Torrence Sound Equipment Co, of Perrysburg, Ohio is a contractor specializing in systems solutions utilizing advanced sound, video and security technologies. Torrence has completed reference able mass notification systems compliant with the United States Department of Defense UFC 4-021-01 specifications for mass notification.According to the United States Department of Defense UFC 4-021-01 Mass notification systems provide real-time information and instructions to people in a building, area, site, or installation using intelligible voice communications along with visible signals, text, and graphics, and possibly including tactile or other communication methods. The purpose of mass notification is to protect life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and instructing people of the necessary and appropriate response and action.

Delivering Intelligible Voice Instructions

So, the primary goal of every mass notification system is to deliver time pertinent, intelligible, voice instructions to very large numbers of people. Speech intelligibility of a mass notification system needs to be predicted in the conceptual design phase and measured in the commissioning phase of mass notification system installation. For this reason the design and installation of mass notification systems should only be done by well qualified audio systems contractor like Torrence Sound.

Designing and building loudspeaker arrays to cover large geographic areas requires experience in specialized disciplines. The full time audio systems engineers at Torrence are immersed daily in the design and construction of commercial sound systems. Torrence employs a full time staff of Certified Technology Specialists (CTS). Our engineers and audio visual systems designers are able to assess client’s needs, design AV systems, prepares AV design documents, coordinate and collaborate with other professionals to create AV systems that satisfy clients’ requirements. Torrence professionals participate in industry forums and professional organizations such as the NFPA, InfoComm, BICSI, AES to name a few.

Designing Mass Notification System Loudspeaker Arrays With Nexo Loudspeakers

There are several the unique challenges of designing and building loudspeaker arrays to deliver intelligible voice instructions over large geographic area. The few listed below are critical aspects that must always be considered in the design of a Mass Notification System:

  • Weather & Prevailing Winds
    Sound propagating outdoors can be significantly attenuated or moved by Wind, temperature, rain, and humidity.
  • Environmental Conditions
    In the Ohio, Indiana, Michigan area seasonal changes such as foliage on trees, rainfall, and moisture content of soil affects the propagation of sound outdoors.
  • Physical Obstructions
    Buildings, ravines, and trees reflect, diffuse, and absorb sound propagating outdoors.
  • Atmospheric Absorption
    There’s a limit to how far intelligible speech can be transmitted even through open unobstructed air, the atmospheric absorption of air needs to be predicted for every mass notification system.

When properly designed and implemented large loudspeaker arrays can transmit intelligible speech over many square miles in most outdoor and campus environments. However, the quantity, placement, and construction of Nexo loudspeaker arrays for mass notification need to be considered uniquely for each individual mass notification system installation. The idea of a one size fits all loudspeaker component is a critical mistake sold by many unqualified security contractors and electricians.

Integrating Visible Signals and Text Messages to Your Mass Notification System

Providing a single integrated platform for monitoring, control, and supervision of voice announcements, visible signals and text messages is the industry standard minimum required to maintain a reliable mass notification system. Torrence Sound provides powerful and scalable critical paging and voice evacuation systems designed using a networked approach that eliminates the any single point of system failure and allowing for decentralized monitoring, control, and supervision.

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