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School Communication & Security Solutions in Northwest Ohio – Sales & Installation

Torrence has been providing School Solutions in Northwest Ohio for educational facilities since 1928. Technology for schools and educational facilities has advanced dramatically in recent years and at Torrence Sound, we have been keeping ourselves educated to keep up with the growing demand. School technology goes far beyond the walls of the classroom these days. The growing advantage of web-based courses and the increased need for campus security are two notable reasons why technology for schools is more important than ever. Technology for schools can also include classroom communications, building security, audio visual teaching aides, and performance sound and video systems.

Common Solutions

  • Arena and Stadium Sound Systems
  • Theatrical Sound Video and Lighting
  • Audio and Video Teaching Aides
  • Telepresence
  • Classroom Communications
  • Access Control
  • Fire and Security
  • Mass Notification

Affordable School Technology Solutions

Mass Notifications

Powerful and scalable critical paging and voice evacuation systems designed using a networked approach that eliminates the any single point of system failure and allowing for decentralized monitoring, control, and supervision.


  • Save lives in emergency situations
  • Provide real-time information throughout the building
  • Integrate with visible signals and text messages

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PA System Installation

Torrence Sound is an innovator in the construction of public address systems that provide safety, convenience and keep the public informed through announcements, background and foreground music.


  • Amplifiers
  • Large Scale Loudspeaker Arrays
  • IP Paging Systems
  • Full-range Speakers

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Theatrical Sound & Lighting

At Torrence Sound, we design and implement sound systems that will fulfill the needs of a theatrical production in schools, auditoriums and other school venues.


  • Theatrical lighting design
  • Sound system based on shape, size and acoustics of the venue
  • Optimize your system for best quality

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School Security Systems

Electronic systems designed specifically for security in educational environments by Torrence Sound can profoundly improve your school’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently.


  • Rauland Telecenter
  • Guided Egress System
  • One Click Lockdown

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Stadium Sound Systems

We have designed and installed some of the most technologically sophisticated stadium sound and large venue PA systems in Northwest Ohio


  • Nexo Stadium Sound Systems
  • Arena Sound Systems
  • Large Venue PA Systems
  • Auditorium Sound Systems

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School Emergency Preparation

Disaster is not something anyone likes to think about. But the truth is, disasters can happen anywhere, anytime. And even though no one likes to think of worst-case scenarios, it is vitally important to have the proper emergency planning and preparation to minimize loss.


  • Evacuation Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • Situational Awareness

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Customer Feedback

Knowing how to respond quickly and efficiently in a crisis is critical to ensuring the safety school staff and students. The midst of a crisis is not the time to start figuring out who ought to do what. At that moment, everyone involved from top to bottom should know the drill and know each other.”

Margaret Spellings

Secretary of Education


Rauland School Security System

Case Studies

Quality School Communications Systems

Our dedication to the educational market and our long partnerships with educators have shaped our corporate philosophy and given us the insight to design, construct, support and service exceptionally effective and affordable solutions for educational facilities using the ever changing system technologies available for pre-K elementary, high school colleges and universities. At Torrence, we understand that a quiet, safe, and secure environment is an essential foundation for learning. Torrence is dedicated to providing school technology and educational facilities to promote learning and to assist and protect educators.

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