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Technology System Solutions Consulting

The Torrence commitment to our community is to offer our customers the most effective technology system solutions available when it comes to electronic, security, and sound technology systems. We believe that the best way to provide insightful technology system solutions to our customers is to thoroughly understand the technology systems and components that we represent. This involves continuous training with manufacturers, spending a lot of time using the products we offer as well as closely monitoring the installation process and tracking opinions and repair and maintenance requirements of technology systems that have been in service. At Torrence, our goal is to offer only the highest quality products and services implemented expertly in a manner that has been proven successful. Call Torrence today to speak with a member of our sales staff to see how our technology system solutions can best benefit your company and project.

Keeping Pace with Technology System Solutions

Torrence is in the privileged position today of being able to do more than simply replace previous generations of technology systems. Our expertise combined with the unique products available now allows Torrence to offer technology systems that transform business and industry. Technologies like Unified Communications, Wireless Platforms and Cloud Computing are transformational because they fundamentally change the way our customers, employees, and partners interact. At Torrence, we are very conscience of the fact that proposing cutting edge technology system solutions is proposing that our customers adopt transformational change.

Proposing change requires Torrence to be skilled at articulating and quantifying the human and business impact of our proposed change and that we partner with our customers through support and training to overcome the risks of change. Simply offering engineered systems or technology systems that will allow a customer to accomplish a given task “faster”, “better” or “cheaper” is no longer adequate. These technology systems require us to accompany our customers in the transformation of their services, products, and procedures. The Torrence Sales and Account Management Teams are dedicated to supporting our customers through the changes that are required in procedural interactions with new technology system solutions.



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