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Riverside Church Refreshes Audio With Bose RoomMatch

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Riverside Church Refreshes Audio With Bose RoomMatch

Riverside Church Refreshes Audio With Bose RoomMatch

Sandals Church, based in Riverside, CA, recently expanded within its current building, appointing CCI Solutions of Olympia, WA as its AVL provider for a newly constructed, 2,000-plus-seat sanctuary. The church installed new sound, video, lighting, broadcast, and recording systems on a single-mode fiber network transporting HD-SDI video and Dante audio signals throughout the complex, a former commercial structure.

“One of the largest challenges that we faced was working in an industrial commercial building,” said Mark Pearson, CCI’s project lead for the installation. The massive space required some major architectural modifications. “Typically in a warehouse there are columns every 20 feet to support the roof structure. They had to install a mammoth steel structure to support the roof so that they could remove three of the columns.”

The new steelwork, approximately six feet high, lowered the usable ceiling height. “There was no room, in what is considered a rock ’n’ roll church, to put in large J arrays in a stereo configuration,” Pearson said. Happily, the church was already using a system that proved to be an effective solution for the new sanctuary.

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