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We Offer Specialized Cardiac Cath Lab Equipment for Critical Communication Needs

Communication in the cardiac cath lab is of vital importance. Every word and every moment is critical to the success of the heart catheterization procedure. To allow interference-free communication between the cardiologist and technicians, the communications specialists at Torrence Sound have designed a superior audio system that is effective, comfortable, and private.

Rauland Responder Enterprise Nurse Call

Unleash the power of collaboration to achieve control, flexibility—and a higher level of care

The Responder Enterprise workflow platform can help evolve and expand your best clinical practices. Staff can create, support, and optimize standardized workflows and use them consistently across the Enterprise for smoother operation, increased efficiency, and a higher level of patient and staff safety.

Responder Enterprise addresses the critical issues requiring multi-departmental collaboration – bridging IT, Clinical and Support to enable true cross-functional solutions. Responder Enterprise helps you improve security and availability, communication workflows, and data sharing across the organization.

You can go from lagging to leading indicators, enabling you to:

  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Improve care quality and outcomes
  • Increase patient and staff satisfaction

The Rauland Enterprise nurse call solution offers intelligent integrations to the key departments that support the front-line clinical staff. Using Responder’s robust reporting tools, you can standardize your workflows, measure them, and then continually improve them. Identify your centers of excellence – a unit, a shift, or floor. Pinpoint the things that make them special, pilot them in other areas, measure them, and adopt them as standards.

Standardize Care Solutions to improve patient outcomes. Rauland Enterprise provides the engine to expand your best-practice successes to every unit, in every building, in every state.

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