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Improving The Experience For Residents And Staff – Helping Your Facility Become A True Community Of Care.

Your nurse call system is a valuable asset that can help alleviate stress while improving resident safety and staff satisfaction. Repetitive tasks and ineffective communication can add many unnecessary steps – and waste valuable time. Real-time communication from resident to caregiver can increase staff response times dramatically, helping to improve resident care and reducing stress for both staff and residents.

Responder® 5000 nurse call communication solutions can help you:

  • Make a positive impact on the life of every resident and colleague
  • Improve staff retention
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve workload management using better information management
  • Strengthen your reputation
  • Provide reassurance to residents and families

Benefits To Residents

Staff are better able to anticipate resident needs and respond more quickly, confidently, and naturally when they know the residents. And residents don’t have to explain to new caregivers how to care for them day after day.

Benefits To Long-term Care Staff

Experienced staff learn to know what residents want and need, and they can deliver better care and be more organized in their work with other team members.

Benefits To Long-term Care Communities

With stable staffing, providers can reduce the costs involved in repeatedly advertising, interviewing, and training new staff members. And communities with satisfied staff are more capable to recruit other good workers. Family satisfaction rates also improve.

Rounding And Safety

Responder workflow reminders, like Rounding on residents, can reinforce proactive care, and deliver a corresponding reduction in pressure ulcers and reduced falls.

Pressure ulcers are a clinical concern worth monitoring. Responder workflows remind staff to proactively reposition residents and address preventative measures with residents at risk. The resident benefits by experiencing less pain, fewer infections, and a better quality of life. That can help the facility reduce costs, deliver a better reputation in the community, and improve quality measures and overall ratings.

Rounding measures also can have a direct impact on reducing falls by residents. Incorporating a rounding protocol using Responder proactively addresses any need to leave the bed and helps avoid the resident trying to get up by themselves. By encouraging rounding, staff can build trust, reduce anxiety and uncertainty of the residents, decrease call light activity, and alleviate care team stress.

Staff Retention And Satisfaction

More time caring for residents can directly impact better “quality of care” outcomes. A better quality of care results in a more pleasant experience for the residents and the staff.

The improved workflows and direct communication of Responder 5000 can help the care team be more effective in delivering timely care and spend a larger percentage of their shift in doing what they love most -caring for their residents.

  • Audio stations with phones help staff set expectations with residents, communicate in real-time, use their time most efficiently, and ensure a more pleasant environment.
  • Data analytics can help staff demonstrate they are responsive to resident needs, identify areas for focused training, and provide a deeper dive into scheduling to assure the unit is properly staffed based on needs and help alleviate overworked shifts.
  • Staff satisfaction and stability can be improved when staff have better communication and workflow tools, helping them deliver better care and be better coordinated with other team members.

The Audio Pull Cord station is an emergency pull cord station that can place a voice call to the console or caregivers wireless phone. In addition to the emergency pull cord, a call can be placed from the push button on the station to place a routine call for assistance. This button can be used as a “Back to Bed” call to help prevent falls when returning from the bathroom. The Pull Cord station with Audio contains a speaker so that caregivers can speak directly with the patient in the bathroom if desired.

Engaged Family

  • Strengthens family engagement for better resident satisfaction
  • Allows family to make direct requests to appropriate staff, rather than interrupt the nurse
  • Reassures families with continuous tracking of resident location for safety and security

Environment Of Care

  • Enables compliance with quality over-quantity Medicare Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) programs
  • Improves interdepartmental integration, including Housekeeping, EVS, Transport
  • Reveals over-burdened staff situations for rapid mitigation


Rauland has integrated its nurse call with many system providers to ensure easy, seamless operation with Responder 5000 architecture, including phones as well as ADT. A resident safety interface also helps create a more secure, comprehensive system, including button presses from a pendant for emergencies. These integrations allow your facility to receive optimal value while reducing redundancies.


The Responder 5000 Software Application provides a robust and uncomplicated solution for your communication needs, with activity boards, messaging app, reports, and resident management.

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