Rauland Communications DAX120 120-Watt Power Amplifier

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Rauland Communications DAX120 120-Watt Power Amplifier

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The Rauland DAX120 120-Watt Power Amplifier is  designed specifically for use in Rauland Institutional Program and Communications Systems.

When used in these systems, the DAX120 serves both as a high-quality program amplifier and as a DC power supply and AC power tap, thus eliminating the need for a separate DC power supply and AC power tap unit. The fully isolated DC power supply section of the DAX120 provides DC power to the Rauland Director™ Series Master Control Panels and to any associated equipment which requires 28V DC.

The DAX120’s DC power supply and AC facilities are just as useful in sound reinforcement systems as they are in institutional program and communications systems. In fact, the DAX120 can be used in any application requiring a high-quality 120-watt amplifier of unquestioned reliability.
The advanced circuitry incorporated in the  DAX120 results in improved signal-to-noise ratio, marked by enhanced phase linearity and lower distortion, concurrent with high input voltage sensitivity for a full output of 60 watts. Frequency response is 40 Hz-15 KHz, ±1.5dB at -3dB below RPO. Distortion is less than 3%, 60 Hz-15 KHz (less than 2%, 70 Hz to 10 KHz). Balanced 25V and 70.7V outputs are provided, both with split center tap. For exceptional flexibility, the amplifier is switchable to 240V AC operation. A linear tracking
thermal compensation circuit is incorporated to maintain uniform output stage bias characteristics,
thus providing optimum performance and lowest distortion, regardless of temperature extremes of
the amplifier itself or in the operating environment.
The DAX120 is designed for continuous heavy duty service and is fully capable of withstanding the widely varying operating conditions and abuses experienced in institutional, industrial, and commercial
applications. Replaceable fuse protection is provided. Excellent output regulation (less than 2dB variation from no load to full load) provides further protection form damage under adverse operating conditions. Continuous operation is assured, whether a load is connected or not, without fear of damage. Moreover, in multiple speaker systems, no detectable change in volume is experienced as additional speakers are connected or turned off.

The DAX120 provides three AC convenience outlets of the U-ground, 3-pin type. All input, output, and auxiliary DC power terminations are convenient screw types. Most circuit components are mounted on a screened circuit board which meets UL94V-0 requirements.

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