Rauland Communications BAFKIT2X2L70V Ceiling Speaker Assembly

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Rauland Communications BAFKIT2X2L70V Ceiling Speaker Assembly

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The pre-assembled Rauland BAFKIT2X2L70V can immediately “lay in” to a new or existing ceiling grid and be wired to finish the installation. The BAFKIT2X2L70V Ceiling Speaker Assembly consists of a USO188-type, 8″
loudspeaker complete with a 70V line matching transformer, mounted on a 2 foot by 2 foot lay-in baffle, and an integrated backbox that runs the full length of the baffle.

Installation is swift and simple, because time-consuming tile sculpting is not required. The BAFKIT2X2L70V is designed with a feature to allow attachment
of safety straps when required. With a tap selector switch on the backbox, an installer can quickly select an appropriate power level of either ¼, ½, 1, 2 or 4 Watts.

The BAFKIT2X2L70V Ceiling Speaker Assembly is particularly suitable for use in hospitals, classrooms, hallways, meeting rooms, or any area that requires a flush mount, concealed speaker with excellent sound reproduction quality. The BAFKIT2X2L70V Speaker Assembly is packaged as a complete unit that
significantly reduces installation time and project costs.

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