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Nurse Call, Asset Tracking, Staff Locator System

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Nurse Call, Asset Tracking, Staff Locator System

Nurse Call, Asset Tracking, Staff Locator System

Rauland Nurse Call, Asset Tracking and Staff Locator Systems

At Torrence Sound, we offer the Responder line of products from Rauland-Borg. With these quality Rauland products, we offer you solutions to three of the most difficult problems facing any healthcare facility:


  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff Locator

Simply locating caregivers, patients, or equipment when needed can sometimes be a major challenge. Rauland nurse call and staff locator systems can provide real time location information as well as provide a means of two way communication and vital statistics about the person, such as temperature and posture. Too often, the exact location of portable equipment cannot be quickly and easily determined. Rauland asset tracking system locators attached to each piece of portable hardware can help supervisors track and route such equipment. Once a staff member is located with the Rauland nurse call system, communications can be easily targeted to their exact location without the use of intrusive overhead paging. When a staff member enters the room of a patient who has called for help, the the Rauland nurse call system automatically cancels any non-emergency calls and registers the staff member as being in that particular room.

Rauland Nurse Call, Asset Tracking Systems and Staff Locators Assist with Administrator Functions.

With complete reporting of all system activities from a reports manager, response times and action reports are available. Access to caregivers and prompt response to patients is one of the key measurements for a total quality program. Rauland nurse call systems from Torrence Sound allow facilities to accurately track and measure this crucial function across day parts, floors, teams or individual caregivers. Rauland Nurse Call, Asset Tracking Systems and Staff Locator Solutions from Torrence Sound provide a totally integrated communications system linking patients with caregivers and administrators using real time location devices and network enabled wireless devices.

In addition to Rauland Nurse Call, Asset Tracking and Staff Locator systems, we also can provide you with:


  • Hospital Paging Systems
  • Hospital Phone Systems
  • Software
  • Video cameras and displays
  • ADA-compliant silent message boards
  • Fire Alarms
  • Hospital Security Systems
  • Emergency Communications Systems

Call Torrence today for a no cost technology evaluation by one of our Healthcare systems specialists and we’ll explain how we can assist you with Rauland nurse call, asset tracking systems, staff locators or any of our many other technology solutions.

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