Make your Informal Meeting Spaces More Productive

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Make your Informal Meeting Spaces More Productive

Make your Informal Meeting Spaces More Productive

Conference Rooms Are Getting Smaller

Meeting rooms are shrinking, and analysts predict the trend toward smaller spaces will continue. The disappearing conference room is giving way to small, convenient spaces that enable a few employees to quickly gather.

  • Small “Collaboration Rooms” and “Huddle” spaces that seat up to four now account for 26% of all meeting spaces.
  • Medium-sized spaces that seat up to 10 participants account for 44% of all conference rooms.
  • Large rooms holding 10+ people comprise just 30% of all conference rooms. 


Smaller is better for the objectives of today’s collaborative meetings 

  • Two-thirds of today’s workers say that they are more efficient when working closely with others.
  • By providing collaboration enclaves with appropriate furnishings, acoustics and technology, companies can maximize engagement and productivity.
  • Companies are also seeking easier content sharing solutions. A chief concern is device-agnostic sharing, for hassle-free meeting collaboration. By integrating tech into the environment, employees can get down to business quickly.


It’s never been easier to set up a quick collaboration session. 

  • Leading-edge Collaboration Room technology facilitates productivity, even in small rooms intended for ad hoc meetings and huddle spaces.
  • Create smart huddle spaces with state-of-the-art scheduling software that allows you to search for an available, nearby space, book that space and invite attendees – all from your smartphone or laptop. Intelligent proximity detection technology can turn on the lights and a power up the AV system before you even enter the room. 
  • Quickly and easily share information from any of the participants’ laptops or mobile devices over a simple wireless link. 


For details on meeting space trends and how businesses are adapting, check out this link:


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