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Sound and Paging Systems for Industrial Commercial Facilities

Experience with Sound Systems for Industrial Applications

Torrence Sound Equipment Co. of Perrysburg Ohio specializes in the design, installation, service, and support of industrial sound systems, industrial PA systems, and commercial paging systems. At Torrence Sound our professional sound system designers not only have a thorough understanding of codes, standards, and best practices for industrial sound system design but also, the hands on experience of hundreds of successful system installations in industrial and commercial applications.

Industrial Sound Systems are an Essential Part of Safety Planning

At Torrence Sound we hold a fundamental principle that public address systems should be an essential component of every organization’s safety and emergency preparedness plan. Facilities with properly designed and well maintained industrial sound systems, industrial PA systems, and commercial paging systems have a unique asset for delivering clear and concise audible instructions to their entire staff. For this reason, a Torrence audio system is the perfect solution for delivering facility evacuation or lock down instructions specific to an event, informing staff of weather emergencies and subsequent procedures, calling first responders to an emergency situation, or simply broadcasting scheduled reminders about safety procedures.
At Torrence Sound we combine our knowledge and experience with high quality products to offer our commercial and industrial customers sound and public address systems uniquely fitted to their needs. Torrence offers these following features as part of our public address systems designed for life safety and emergency preparedness.

  • Durability
    Torrence Sound designs Commercial PA systems with high quality audio components durable enough to run for years in harsh or hazardous environments.
  • Speech Intelligibility
    Torrence industrial sound systems are uniquely designed for each environment to provide for the best speech intelligibility and clarity possible with measurable results.
  • Centralized Monitoring and Control
    Torrence Sound can offer commercial and industrial PA systems that are centrally monitored and controlled using network based software that includes additional capability of generating reports of announcement and signaling activity.

Component Supervision

• Failover Security
Automatic failover and redundant component/channel design offers the highest level of certainty that critical voice pages or pre-recorded message announcements will be heard.
• Pre-recorded Announcements and Tones
Torrence commercial sound and PA systems can include the ability to store and schedule hundreds of pre-recorded messages and tones.
• Interface with Fire Systems
We offerindustrial sound systems with interfaces to emergency mass notification or fire alarm systems. This allows Torrence commercial PA systems to monitor power, ground faults, system trouble, and alarm status of other emergency notification systems to prioritize announcements and make you EN 54-16 compliant.
• Page Delay
At Torrence, industrial PA systems are designed with intelligent store and forward delay to eliminate feedback when making voice pages in even the noisiest industrial environments.

Torrence sound systems offer the ability to deliver clear audible instructions to your entire staff simultaneously. Easily scalable, Torrence commercial PA and industrial sound systems can serve small areas or millions of square feet alike. The scalability of these systems is provided by constant voltage. Commercial and industrial sound systems use an electrical configuration for distributing audio similar to the configuration used to distribute municipal electrical power over large distances. Audio voltage amplitude is stepped up to nominal values of 25V, 70V, 100V. Because some power is lost in voltage over long lengths of copper wire, the step up in voltage provides a means by which loudspeaker circuits can span miles and reduce loss of signal. Large areas or zones of distributed loudspeakers connect to constant voltage amplifiers. Amplifiers have traditionally been interconnected for the purpose of delivering all area program source or announcements by line level audio or public switched telephone network (PSTN). More recently, large zoned commercial and industrial sound system amplifiers are interconnected by ethernet networks with the capability of transporting audio or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There are also a number of very low latency protocols for transporting audio over Ethernet such as ANET, AES50, CobraNet, REAC, Dante, and Q-Net.

Industrial sound systems should be a significant component of any plan to improve or control quality and productivity. The unique capability of a properly designed and implemented industrial sound system to deliver clear audible instructions should make it an irreplaceable component of your quality control and production process. Torrence can integrate industrial PA systems to your process machinery so pre-recorded announcements or signal tones can be can be triggered automatically to communicate: • Production slowing or stops • Resources need to be replenished • Output product need to be • Quality process reminders • Any other critical production tasks that can be actuated by machinery or software with predetermined actions that need to be communicated immediately Industrial sound systems integrated to production machinery can communicate future state processes to ensure that any deviations from production targets are communicated to your staff so corrections can be made before they result in defects. Torrence Industrial sound and paging systems can also be integrated into control systems such as statistical process control, production boards, and visual workplaces that automatically trigger pre-recorded messages or signal tones.

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