Induction Loop Technology

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Induction Loop Technology

Induction Loop Technology

Induction Loop Hearing Amplifier Technology

Induction hearing loops are currently reemerging on the scene and the technology is being reinvented to help the hearing impaired. Induction loop technology has been endorsed by the American Academy of Audiology and has been widely used in Europe and Australia. Induction hearing loops are favored by audiologists for a couple of reasons. First, there is no requirement for the user to need a headset or a transmitter as with FM transmitting systems. Secondly, hearing aid users simply use a setting on their own devices to pick up the sound from the induction loop. Induction loop technology utilizes hearing aids as receivers. This is an advantage because controls on hearing aids are already adjusted for the user’s own needs by their own audiologist. The user simply uses the T switch, or “telecoil” setting, on their hearing aid.

How Induction Loop Hearing Amplifiers Work

Torrence Induction LoopInduction hearing loops are supplementary sound systems consisting of a hearing amplifier and a wire installed around the perimeter of a room. A magnetic field is produced by a low voltage electrical current from the amplifier. When a speaker’s voice is transmitted over the magnetic field of the induction hearing loop, it is picked up by hearing aids or cochlear implants that are equipped with a telecoil device. Therefore, the speaker’s voice is delivered straight to the listener’s ear. This is why induction loop technology is a good way to eliminate background noise and the problems created because of distance between the speaker and the listener.

Advantages to Using Induction Loop Hearing Amplifiers

    • Works in any size space
    • Preferred by users over FM amplification
    • Cuts out background noise and distance related hearing problems

Utilizes listener’s own hearing aid, no need for additional headset to be worn

Venues that Use Induction Loop Technology

  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Museums Auditoriums
  • Retirement Communities
  • Parks
  • At Torrence Sound, we are experienced with induction hearing loop systems.
We always begin our service to you with a personal visit to your church or venue. Call us today so the hearing impaired in your venue won’t be left out!

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