Improved Care Delivery at Nursing Home

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Improved Care Delivery at Nursing Home

Improved Care Delivery at Nursing Home

Staff and Technology Work Together to Strengthen Care Delivery at Skilled Nursing Facility

A Skilled Nursing Facility today faces many complex challenges—staff and resident satisfaction, better communication, improved safety, efficient workflows. Overcoming these challenges requires an effective approach that integrates staff and technology as a unified solution.

Southridge Healthcare in South Dakota selected Rauland’s new Responder® 5000 system as the technology of choice in helping drive that increased staff and resident satisfaction and effective communication/ workflows.

A 110-bed long-term and rehabilitative care facility in Sioux Falls, Southridge strives to care for each resident with dignity and respect. A long-time user of the Responder 4000 system, moving their rehabilitation wing to the latest Responder 5000 solution was a natural progression in their desire to care for every resident emotionally, physically and socially, with personalized plans and specific goals.

According to Denise Jager, RN, Director of Nursing, Responder has been a long-term solution for Southridge. “Over our 5- year history with Responder, we’ve never experienced any issues or problems,” she said. “Given that history, we jumped at the opportunity to migrate to the latest and newest Responder 5000 technology.”


Responder 5000

The Responder 5000 solution implemented at Southridge encompasses solutions for workflow with four-button stations; for communication using corridor lights and the resident station/speaker at the bed; for safety

with bath stations; and the nurse console for faster call response, setting services, and voice communication directly with the resident. The extensive reports package is easy to access, with detailed information that can be sorted and scheduled for regular email distribution.

“We used the previous system primarily for resident calls and seeing staff presence via the corridor lights above the doorways,” she said. “We’ve significantly expanded our information and communication using Responder 5000. The system now helps us track staff presence by role, and delivers far more detailed information on the delivery of care, response times, and the specific needs of the residents.”

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