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Torrence Synchronized Time Solutions

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Healthcare facilities require accurate, synchronized time keeping solutions. Torrence offers a complete range of wired and wireless clock systems, with healthcare-specific features like Countdown and Elapse Time Clock options for ERs, ORs, and ICUs.

With a Torrence engineered and installed clock system, all the clocks throughout your facility will display the same precise time. We have a complete line of timekeeping options to offer the perfect solution for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required.

  • Wired Analog and Digital Clock systems
  • Wireless Analog and Digital Clock systems
  • 24VAC, POE, or Battery powered clock options
  • Countdown and Elapse Time Clock options to manage DTN, DCTT and Code Blue elapsed time
  • Clocks with optional emergency message board capability
  • Choice of GPS or NTP time Synchronization
  • Master Clock keeps all clock in sync
  • Automatic daylight savings time change

A synchronized clock system provides the same time to all clocks in the system. A synchronized clock system typically consists of a “master clock” and multiple “secondary clocks,” also known as “slave clocks.” The master clock communicates with all the secondary clocks to provide them with an accurate time source. The purpose is to make sure that all clocks in the system will show the exact same time. No matter which part of the building you are in, the time displayed by the clocks will be uniform and accurate.

How Does It Work?
In a synchronized clock system, the master clock receives time from either an NTP server or GPS receiver, or its internal clock can be utilized as a time source. When the master clock has received the correct time from either source, the time is then distributed to all slave clocks in the system. The signal is sent to the clocks multiple times per day, ensuring that all clocks stay synchronized and do not drift from their accurate time.


Wired Clock Solutions

  • Traditional wired clocks utilize a dedicated 24VAC clock network with centrally located power supplies in data or electrical closets.
  • POE (power-over-ethernet) clocks are tied to new or existing IP POE network switches.
  • A 24VAC or POE wired clock network is virtually maintenance-free with no batteries to replace.
  • System battery backup ensures quick time recovery after a power outage
  • Many choices of large, easy-to-read digital displays or analog clock faces
  • Designed for quick installation and easy setup
  • Compatible with most other brands of master clocks and secondary clocks

Wireless Clock Solutions
Wireless Clocks are an ideal solution for existing buildings where a synchronized clock system is needed, but installing a dedicated clock wiring network is difficult. A wireless synchronized clock system receives time synchronization from either a GPS satellite or a network (LAN) timeserver with NTP, and then transmits time updates wirelessly using a built-in transmitter/antenna.

With a wireless clock solution, it often makes sense to use Battery operated clocks, so you can easily mount the clocks wherever you like without any concern for wiring to the clocks. If you have an existing clock power circuit, we can provide clocks powered by a 24VAC central power supply but synchronized by a wireless master clock. It’s an ideal way to take advantage of an existing clock circuit but expand with battery-powered synchronized clocks into new areas that do not have a clock wiring network.

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