Hospital Security and Infant Security Systems

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Hospital Security and Infant Security Systems

At Torrence Sound, we have been serving healthcare facilities for decades. When it comes to hospital security and infant security systems, we have the expertise and experience required to address your most challenging problems. We engineer, design, install and service hospital security and infant security systems and we have longstanding relationships with many hospitals in Northwest Ohio.

Hospital Security and Infant security systems have their own unique challenges. Healthcare facilities typically have a large number of entrances that must be open to visitors, patients and staff and other areas that must remain accessible only to authorized personnel. Security concerns can come from low level threats like wandering patients to high level threats of terrorism. Security personnel must always be vigilant because hospital environments are often emotionally charged or patients can be emotionally unstable. At any moment, there could be an event that is easily contained or an event that requires an entire campus to be on alert, evacuated or locked down. These are just some of the challenges that we consider when designing a hospital security or infant security system.

Our service to you always starts with a no cost technology evaluation by one of our healthcare systems specialists.

Features of a Hospital Security or Infant Security System from Torrence Sound

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance security systems
  • Central command center
  • Swipe card access
  • Intruder alarms
  • Total lock down hospital security systems
  • All systems integrated
  • System can be expanded for future growth or added features
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At Torrence Sound, we can design a system for access control using swipe cards. Our systems will allow security personnel to control public access while restricting areas that are not public. Integrated with a video surveillance system, our access control systems can be monitored by personnel in a command center. When a threat is detected, personnel in the command center can immediately view the location of unauthorized entry and respond with the most appropriate actions with resources specific to the situation. Command center personnel can also monitory hallways, entrances, secure areas or parking lots by video surveillance, eliminating the need for multiple security personnel on patrol. Another feature of our hospital security or infant security systems is the ability to implement a total lock down from the control center. These are just some of the features of our systems.


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