Hospital Critical Communication Systems

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Rauland Hospital Critical Communication Systems

At Torrence, we can assist you with all the latest technology in components for your hospital critical communication systems for doctors and staff. Wireless communication technology has advanced dramatically in recent years and solutions have developed into a ubiquitous array of connectivity including smart phones, tablets, laptops and other on-site wireless products.

At Torrence Sound, we design wireless hospital critical communication systems that use a variety of the latest wireless transceivers located throughout the facility. Operating like a mini-cellular telephone system, the transceivers are designed and listed to not interfere with sensitive medical equipment. With our wireless hospital critical communication systems, messages are quickly and easily routed to the appropriate caregiver within seconds without a room-to-room search or intrusive overhead paging. Doctors, other caregivers, or technicians can be located both inside and outside the facility. Within the building, staff need only dial a party’s dedicated extension on the hospital phone system. If a call is not answered within a specific time period, the call is routed to the hospital paging system or a different extension of the hospital phone system.

Advantages of a Rauland Hospital Phone System and Hospital Paging System by Torrence

  • Wireless technology
  • Will not interfere with sensitive medical equipment
  • Improves patient/caregiver communications
  • Can deliver information through text messaging, smart phones, tablets, laptops and on-site wireless devices

Hospital critical communication systems are only two of our offerings to the healthcare industry. At Torrence Sound, we can provide a full array of technology that will bring a higher degree of comfort and security to your patients, doctors and staff.

  • Torrence Sound offers a wireless, non-RF system designed specifically for communication between physicians and cardiovascular specialists during cardiac catheterization procedures when communication is critical. Read more about our Cardiac Cath lab equipment.
  • Torrence Sound can design a system for nurse patient communications utilizing Responder IV by Rauland-Borg of Chicago. This system is connected to Cisco wireless VoIP phones and allows instant communications between patients and staff no matter where they are located in the hospital.
  • Torrence Sound can install LCD televisions with integrated entertainment systems including DVD, radio and motorized window shades all controlled from the bedside.


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