Free Torrence Emergency Radio Survey

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Free Torrence Emergency Radio Survey

Free Torrence Emergency Radio Survey

When First Responders arrive at your building for an emergency, they rely on their 2-way radios to communicate and coordinate their response. Ohio Fire Code mandates that all new and existing buildings must conform to the standard that 95% of the building achieves adequate 2-way emergency radio coverage for Fire and Police communication. (1) See details of the code requirements below.

Torrence has the specialized test equipment needed to verify that your building is safe for emergency radio coverage. We also design and install the “In-Building Amplification” systems needed to conform to the Fire Code if your facility fails the test. (2)  

As a service to our clients, Torrence provides a FREE non-compliant radio reception survey to see if you need to be concerned – a nominal travel charge may apply for distant facilities. You must dedicate an escort who has access to all locations within your building and provide floor plan drawings in advance of our visit.

Torrence also offers full  95% Pass/Fail testing and documentation to present to your authorities. Costs for this service vary depending on the size and complexity of your building but are very reasonable.

Additionally, Torrence offers a package which includes full testing and a complete In-Building Amplification design which you own upon completion. Torrence will provide a detailed quote for this service after reviewing your drawings. 

Contact Torrence if you’d like to schedule an Emergency Communication Survey. Call 419-661-0678, or email [email protected]. Please include your name, facility name, phone number and the best time to reach you. 

(1) Ohio Building Code 915:

“Emergency responder radio coverage shall be provided  in all new buildings in accordance with Section 510 of the Ohio fire code.”


95% of the building is required to achieve:

• -95dBm downlink

• -100dBm uplink (-95 dBm IFC)


“Existing buildings that do not have coverage also must be equipped…..” The Ohio Fire Code Section 510 and NFPA 72 Chapter 24 outlines requirements for testing and  In-Building Amplification to conform to this important requirement. Michigan Building Code 915 has the same requirements.

NOTE: Some authorities are mandating critical areas like the Command Center, Fire Pump Room, Exit Stairs, Exit Passageway, Elevator Lobbies, Standpipe Cabinets and Sprinkler Section Valves have 99% radio coverage.

(2) In-Building Amplification consists of a Bi-Directional radio frequency amplifier (BDA) and a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that ensures 2-way emergency radios will function within your building.

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