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Foreground Music

Foreground Music

Foreground Music Systems

Foreground music is meant for active listening. Foreground music can grab your customers’ attention, excite them, and engage them. Foreground music is a very powerful tool to use for branding. Foreground music can play a big part in defining your image, drawing the right people and can even be used for advertising.

A foreground music system can be used to influence brand perception. According to one study, customers perceived a sports retail chain as being “cool and modern” when upbeat, fast tempo music was played but “tired and dull” when slow rock music was played. A. North, D. Hargreaves and J. McKendrick (1999) – The Influence of In-Store Music on Wine Selection.Red Fire Announcement Loud Speaker from an airport

Foreground music systems may allow an establishment to attract different types of customers. In a study were customers rated a bar on 11 characteristics, the results provided clear evidence that different music styles and the volume of the music influenced the customers’ perceptions of the bar. There was some evidence that the nature of the customers’ perceptions of the bar was related positively to their perception of the music. For example, the more that customers perceived the music as being “invigorating,” the more the bar was also perceived in this way.
Dr. A.C. North, David J. Hargreaves, and Jennifer McKendrick (1988)


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