Door Security Solutions

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Door Security Solutions

Door Security Solutions

Proven Door Security Solutions, Access Control Systems and Electronic Locks

Whether you are responsible for a single building with two to four doors or many large facilities spread across a geographic area, door security system solutions can be a challenge. The schedule of locking and unlocking doors for church worship times, office hours, special events, weddings and funerals makes door security a concern seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. Door security also involves making sure private spaces of your buildings are kept secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. At Torrence Sound, we can help you manage your door security system with technology that will put an end to the worries.
OnGuardWe can help you with:

  • Door Security Systems with OnGuard
  • Access Control Systems
  • Electronic Locks

Door Security with Access Control Systems and Electronic Locks

church-door-securityTorrence offers a full line of access control systems that can provide many door security features. The security professionals at Torrence can build a door security system of electronic locks and keys that can be centrally controlled and monitored using an internet or private network connection. Individual doors can be locked and unlocked on hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly schedules with timing as detailed as your church security schedule requires. Your doors can also be locked and unlocked manually by central control or by the key of authorized personnel.Ever wonder who’s accessing your facilities and when? A standard feature of a properly implemented door security system is the ability to have time and dated records of personnel entering and exiting your facilities. This information can be searched and printed, but it can also be made available in real time with events of particular interest sent to your e-mail or mobile devices as they happen. These events may even include people attempting to unlock doors at times or locations that they are not authorized.

Connecting Your Door Security Systems All Together

Torrence can offer your building the smartest security features available and we’ll make certain we’re not just selling your organization the latest church security technology but we’ll target practical, cost effective solutions that will help protect your valuable property, your staff and congregation. Integrating the door position switches of your access control system will alert your staff of forced entries and add a zone of protection. Our door security systems also minimize false alarms. An integrated system will provide you with constant pertinent situational awareness. Additional software and programming by the church security experts at Torrence can provide even more features by integrating door security with traditional burglar alarm, fire alarm, and systems for video surveillance security.


Providing effective security for a school campus, school building or educational facility requires much more than quality electronic security systems. Effective school security requires a comprehensive security program that includes carefully constructed countermeasures that can be generally categorized as:

  • Operational
  • Electronic
  • Architectural

It’s imperative that each of these countermeasures and their subcomponents be uniquely developed to suite your specific institution based on geographic location, staff, students, and anticipated threats. The most important aspect of a school security program is keeping staff well informed of school security procedures, continuously training, and drilling in-situ with their students.

“Knowing how to respond quickly and efficiently in a crisis is critical to ensuring the safety school staff and students. The midst of a crisis is not the time to start figuring out who ought to do what. At that moment, everyone involved from top to bottom should know the drill and know each other”

-Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings.


At Torrence Sound, we have been serving healthcare facilities for decades. When it comes to hospital security and infant security systems, we have the expertise and experience required to address your most challenging problems. We engineer, design, install and service hospital security and infant security systems and we have longstanding relationships with many hospitals in Northwest Ohio.

Hospital Security and Infant security systems have their own unique challenges. Healthcare facilities typically have a large number of entrances that must be open to visitors, patients and staff and other areas that must remain accessible only to authorized personnel. Security concerns can come from low level threats like wandering patients to high level threats of terrorism. Security personnel must always be vigilant because hospital environments are often emotionally charged or patients can be emotionally unstable. At any moment, there could be an event that is easily contained or an event that requires an entire campus to be on alert, evacuated or locked down. These are just some of the challenges that we consider when designing a hospital security or infant security system.

Our service to you always starts with a no cost technology evaluation by one of our healthcare systems specialists.

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