Do you know your First Responders?

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Do you know your First Responders?

Do you know your First Responders?

Have you ever met the amazing men and women who respond to your 911 calls? Instead of waiting for an emergency, consider calling your Police and Fire departments to arrange a casual meeting for coffee at your facility. In addition to meeting a friendly face, use this as an opportunity to review your emergency policies with the experts.

Torrence designs, installs and services life-safety systems like Fire Alarm, Security/Access Control and Emergency Communications/Paging systems. Here are a few tips we suggest you review with your First Responders:
911 Calls:

  • Panic calls from cell phones are a common way emergencies are reported.
  • Check to make sure your 911 calls land at the correct dispatch center for your geographic location. Mistakes have happened.
  • Check that you have reliable cell coverage in all your “Shelter in Place” locations.

Emergency Radio Coverage:

  • First Responders depend on their Radios to communicate with each other in times of crisis.
  • Modern building construction with steel beams and steel studs can interfere with emergency radio communication.
  • Ask your First Responders check their radio reception in your building including stairwells, basements, and equipment rooms.

Automated Emergency Communication:

  • If your Facility has a networked Automated Emergency Communication, double check that all the programmed phone numbers, text and email alerts being sent and arriving at the right place.
  • Arrange a test with your First Responders so their dispatchers can verify your emergency message are being received, and review your response policies.
  • We recommend you test your emergency and lockdown systems monthly.

Emergency Communication Audit:

Torrence has the sophisticated radio test equipment to test cell phone and emergency radio reception in your building. In the event your building is blocking critical radio communications, we can design and install antenna booster systems to ensure emergency communication systems will perform reliably when needed most.
Contact Torrence if you’d like to schedule a comprehensive Emergency Communication Audit.
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