Digital Information Technology Services

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Digital Information Technology Services

Our professionals at Torrence Sound provide IT solutions to the commercial and public sectors that improve efficiency and give organizations a competitive edge in their respective markets. We remove the burden of IT from their responsibilities, which allows them to focus on their core mission. Torrence Sound has you covered. We offer the best products, services, installation and industry knowledge to ensure that your sound needs are met.

About Torrence Sound Managed Services

Torrence Sound has been a provider of sound, video and security solutions since 1928. Understanding that in 2019 sound, video and security are specialty subsets of Information Systems and Technology (IST). Torrence Sound is now offering  comprehensive IST solutions to the public and commercial markets through our ShareOhio partnership.

Over the past decade, IST has changed dramatically now encompassing  previously disparate systems such as sound video and security and now requires ever-changing and challenging expertise that goes beyond the skills and abilities of any one individual or team. In fact, our ShareOhio partners have identified 42 technology categories that require 28 unique skillsets. That’s why Torrence with our ShareOhio partners have developed the Utility Model. With so much expertise required, just maintaining basic technology needs often becomes the primary focus for many schools today; consequently, innovation for future growth is hindered.

At its core, Torrence Sound offers services that treat technology as a utility in a partnership model format. We assess, design, install, and maintain IST infrastructures for our partners. Our services include strategic services, operational services, end user support services, managed services, and project-based services. Specifically, these services cover modern collaborative communication (audio, video and web conferencing, and messaging applications), IP telephony, network management (LAN/WAN), wireless, data centers (hosted onsite or offsite), private clouds, backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity (firewall, email/content filtering, etc.), end user devices, servers, and physical security (video surveillance and access control). Additionally, Torrence Sound offers 24/7 Technical Assistance Center for our services.

Types Of Services

Strategic Services

We provide comprehensive assessment and executive level strategic planning to understand where your organization is now, and where you want to go. Through Virtual CTO/CIO support, data analytics and business intelligence, we work with your people to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your information systems and technology.

Operational Services

We to make sure your day-to-day systems are operational through data visibility on real-time dashboards, as well as help desk ticketing systems (including service metrics). We keep track of your inventory, budget planning, and service providers so that your utilities are always as visible to you as they are to us.

Managed Services

Juggling service providers can be a painful distraction from actually using your technology. We’ve got your back. We manage your in-house operations from security to infrastructure to collaboration.

End User Support Services

We provide multiple levels of support for your end users, including Level 1 on-site support and remote support for escalations and expert assistance. And unlike those big service providers, we reach you - fast.

Project Based Services

We’re always there for you when you come to us with specific projects in mind. We bring our expertise to the table, offering you thorough assessment and design support from the planning stages to the project’s fruition.

Professional Development

We devote space and expertise to your staff for developing their skills in the technology and information systems now at your fingertips.

Torrence Sound

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