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Different Categories Of Public Address Systems

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Different Categories Of Public Address Systems

Different Categories Of Public Address Systems

Addressing large crowds of people requires a pa system to be able to communicate effectively. The equipment used in pa systems depends on the numbers that are to be addressed. They could range from a simple microphone and amplifier set up to a more complex system involving mixers and loudspeakers. The whole concept of pa systems revolves around making a sound louder over a considerable distance. Depending on your situation, there are various pa systems you can select from. They include indoor pa systems, fixed and portable pa systems.


  1. Indoor pa systems – You may be hosting a small event such as an art exhibition to show your work. Here, the volume occupied by the space is key in determining the power you need when setting up pa systems. This will call for a less powerful system than that of a building with an extensive ceiling. In some cases, sound can be absorbed instead of being reflected by things such as thick carpets and this calls for pa systems as well. The same case applies when it comes to very large crowds as the sound is absorbed.
  2. Fixed pa systems – Some locations may prefer having fixed pa systems as they are used every now and then, for example, a movie theatre. Here, you will need to adhere to the layout of the location. This will help in determining whether more hardware is necessary to cover the sound needs at hand. Fixed pa systems also offer the chance to alter the design of a specific location to look professional and allows for extras such as lighting. Designing is also key in ensuring the place is tidied up such as hiding exposed wires.
  3. Portable pa systems – There are pa systems that can be moved from one place to another easily, for example, is a school where the same pa system is used for various functions. These are mostly systems that have simple and light equipment that you can transport using your own vehicle. The advantage of small portable systems is that they can be easily stored as they do not occupy a lot of space. They also do not take up a lot of time to set up. However, you may need extra help moving some pa systems that are heavy and have a lot of equipment and this may lead to extra costs that you had not budgeted for such as hiring a scissor lift to help move the equipment.

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