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Designing Technology to Meet our Customer’s Specialized Needs

Designing sound, video, and security systems has been a specialty here at Torrence Sound since 1928. The depth of our resources is unparalleled amongst our peers in Design Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. Our engineers and project management staff have completed hundreds of successful audio, video, and security system design projects as well as communications and video systems. You should trust the design and construction of your next project to Torrence. We have the most experience, the best qualifications, the right tools and partnerships with industry’s leading experts. We are the most trusted source in thearea for audio, video, and security system design.

Audio System Design and Security System Design Capabilities and Tools:

• RCDD Registered Designers
• NICET Level 3 Designers
• Bose Modeler
• AutoCAD
• Techron TEF20
• Rational Acoustics Smaart
• RACE prediction and analysis
• RF Site Surveys

Design Engineering

Torrence employs a staff of full time engineers who are immersed daily in the development of new technology pertaining to the audio, video, data, alarm, and security systems we provide. Training and education of our staff and technicians is a perpetual requirement. We participate in industry forums and professional organizations such as the IEEE, NFPA, BICSI, AES, ASA to name a few as well as our staff attending manufacturer training and education many times each year. At Torrence, we employ a unique group of talented individuals who are not only academically trained, but also have an aptitude and passion for audio design and security system design. Trust the Torrence engineering team to design and implement your next project.

Fire Alarm and Security System Design

At Torrence, we know that the only thing more valuable to our customers than their facility and inventory is the safety of their personnel. With decades of experience and this priority ingrained in our corporate culture the system professionals at Torrence, design, install, service, and support critical primary and secondary life safety and alarm systems. Torrence is an established supplier of Fire Alarms, Door Security, Access Control, Burglar Alarms, Video for Surveillance, CCTV, Infant Security, Mass Notification, Situational Awareness, Response Assistant and more. A Torrence security system design professional can expertly assess the risk to your company’s physical inventory, property, data, or personnel and design a complete electronic security solution. We use the highest quality components from industry leading manufacturers like Notifier, OnSSI, Panasonic, and Lenel that not only thoroughly address threats and vulnerabilities but save you money by minimizing overlapping resources and investment in products with insufficient capability. Call Torrence today to minimize your facilities security vulnerabilities and ensure the safety of your staff.

Audio System Design

Torrence Sound Equipment Co. was the first audio systems design and contractor in Northwest Ohio to use acoustic modeling software to design audio systems including installing concert quality loudspeakers with our purchase of AcoutaCADD in 1989.The interior of the hall in the theater Since we have continued to invest in software and tools that when combined with our decades of experience, not only designing audio systems but installing and supporting them for years afterward, we can offer our customers the highest quality performance with the least financial investment. Each audio system or video system we design draws upon over the more than ten thousand systems that we have already installed. Today the engineering staff at Torrence uses EASE software suite (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) to validate our audio system design process. EASE and EASERA provides our audio system designers with an invaluable set of tools for all aspects of professional practice for distributed sound systems and systems using components of traditional spherical directivity such as high Q horn clusters, and two-way and three-way pre-engineered loudspeakers. Third party and manufacturer specific calculators are used for cylindrical radiating systems like concert Line Array Loudspeaker System and Steerable Bass Arrays.
Another design tool we use at Torrence for acoustic and loudspeaker system design is the Bose Modeler. This sophisticated, predictive analysis program also provides Torrence audio system designers with tools to determine the preferred configuration and location of loudspeakers in a room. Bose Modeler software enables audio system engineers to create an accurate acoustical model of a facility, and to develop a design that reduces unwanted echoes, excessive reverberation, and acoustic hot and cold spots.
With the Bose Modeler software program, a number of loudspeakers can be visually placed in an architecturally accurate room model of any size or shape. The speakers can be aimed, moved, turned on or off, and amplified, with set time delay values. Modeler software can be used for existing structures, or with architectural drawings of planned structures. One of the significant advantages of using the Bose Modeler is the compliment of Bose Auditioner. Auditioner audio system design technology makes it possible to actually hear and judge for yourself the precise sound you’ll have in a building. You can even do it before a single piece of audio equipment is installed!


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