Crestron Now Shipping DigitalMedia 4K Multimedia Presentation Switchers

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Crestron Now Shipping DigitalMedia 4K Multimedia Presentation Switchers

Crestron Now Shipping DigitalMedia 4K Multimedia Presentation Switchers

ROCKLEIGH, N.J. — Crestron is now shipping three 4K multimedia presentation switchers that can be set up in just minutes without custom programming. These well-priced 4K auto-switching solutions are targeted at smaller rooms and smaller budgets.

HD-MD8X1-4K:  4K scaling presentation switcher
DM-MD8X1-4K-C:  4K scaling presentation switcher with HDBaseT output
DMPS3-4K-150-C:  3-Series 4K DigitalMedia presentation system 150

Based on the DMP3-4K-150-C, the new all-in-one HD-MD8X1-4K 4K scaling presentation switcher provides up to eight inputs. The HD-MD8X1-4K is a good size for rooms that require connection to the room display via HDMI. The built-in 4K scaler can convert any resolution to any other resolution, up to 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.

The DM-MD8X1-4K-C 4K scaling presentation switcher with HDBaseT Output delivers all the features of the HD-MD8X1-4K, plus a mic input and a DM output, so HDBaseT can be run to the room display. It’s a good fit for rooms larger than a huddle space.

The DMPS3-4K-150-C is designed for classrooms, small and medium conference rooms, and huddle spaces. It adds a Crestron 3-Series control system and two DM inputs for a 10 x 1 4K switching solution, and can be used with either .AV Framework or SIMPL Windows for custom programming

The three all-in-one presentation switchers are built on the new Crestron .AV Framework technology, so they’re ready to go right out of the box. Setup is easy and can be done right from an iPad, laptop or touch screen, without custom programming. Simply walk into the room, connect your cables, specify sources and displays, and the system is up and running. Crestron has prepared videos that demonstrate how .AV Framework makes it easy to set up systems in conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Additionally, all three switchers adhere to the DM 3.0 enterprise AV standard, which allows them to be monitored and managed on the network, and deliver a consistent user experience in every room.

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