Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Integrated Commercial Video Surveillance Systems and PSIM Software

Torrence offers enterprise class IP commercial video surveillance systems. IP cameras send and receive signals over the internet and closed computer networks. IP video surveillance systems are different than the older video surveillance systems that utilize closed circuit TVs. Transmission of signals over the internet provides advantages over the use of analog systems.

PSIM Software (Physical Security Information Management)

Torrence offers enterprise class IP video surveillance systems control and management software that are also a part of the PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software platform. These solutions can be designed to operate on a single platform with unprecedented levels of user-intuitiveness and scalability supporting virtually any IP camera and/or encoder in the market. These network-based, video surveillance systems allow for the utilization of off the shelf hardware and facilitate the integration of new technologies.Red Fire Announcement Loud Speaker from an airport

PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software platform will provide valuable information throughout the enterprise, enhancing safety, reducing insurance exposure and costs, and enhancing marketing, merchandising, and maintenance decisions. Let Torrence video surveillance systems professional show you how a network based video control and management software can far exceed the intrinsic value of traditional video surveillance systems.

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  • PSIM offers many advantages over traditional video surveillance systems when it comes to enhancing an organizations security and asset protection programs.
  • PSIM interfaces with all devices, including your current video surveillance system and other off the shelf hardware so it allows you to leverage your current security investment
  • PSIM analyzes incoming data and correlates events and alarms to improve response times, effectiveness and efficiency. PSIM collects data and sends it to a centralized location for verification by an operator. This is a proactive way of identifying potential problems before the situation escalates to a dangerous level.
  • PSIM provides users with the ability to resolve the situation.
  • PSIM provides information for reporting and compliance requirements.

PSIM allows for a comprehensive risk management strategy.

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