Commercial Fire Alarms

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Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial Fire Alarms

Early Fire Detection, Commercial Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

Early Commercial Fire Alarms System Installations is critically important. Early fire detection is critically important to prevent loss of life and property. Torrence is a provider of the fire safety industry’s most advanced components with the capability of alerting at the faintest traces of smoke — the first indication of system trouble. With FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) dual vision sensing technology, a blue LED detects extremely low concentrations of smoke. An infrared laser identifies nuisances like dust that can cause false fire alarms and downtime. Advanced algorithms interpret signals from both sources to meet a single purpose — to be the best smoke detector and early fire detection system available. Call Torrence to see how we can better protect lives and property with the use of early fire detection and smoke detector technology.

Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology
The best smoke detector and early fire detection possible Five alarm levels and two sensitivity modes provide application flexibility Remote monitoring and e-mail status updates enabled by onboard Ethernet interface Displays subtle environment changes for early problem indications Advanced detection algorithms reject common nuisance conditions Advanced Sensing and Intelligent Sensing Fire Alarms and Fire Detectors.Red Fire Announcement Loud Speaker from an airport

At Torrence Sound, we have a vast array of technology that will help protect your personnel, customers and property. Our Advanced Sensing and Intelligent Sensing fire alarms are able to detect all 4 major elements of fire – heat, smoke, carbon monoxide and light – so fire detection can happen as early as possible. With the use of the latest technology in specialized sensors, our fire detectors are the most accurate fire detection systems available. After one sensor detects a situation, onboard intelligence will verify the condition with multiple sensors before an alarm is sounded. This prevents nuisance alarms without compromising safety.

fire suppression and mine victim assistance
Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems are comprised of two key elements
A set of complex algorithms A suite of advanced, specialty smoke detectors These two features extend the capabilities of our systems far beyond the traditional fire alarm systems.

At Torrence Sound, we can also assist you with emergency communication and mass notification systems. Call today for a no cost technology evaluation by one or our Fire and Security alarm specialists.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

NOTIFIER’s line of fire alarm control panels features advanced smoke sensing technology to speed response times and reduce nuisance alarms. Find out about ONYX® Series, Classic Intelligent Control Panels, Voice Evacuation Systems, and Conventional Control Panels.

NOTIFIER Integrated Network

NOTIFIER’s integrated systems platforms unite NOTIFIER systems with other security, card access, and CCTV systems as well as competitors’ fire alarm control panels over a single network.

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