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The Medi+Sign digital patient whiteboard system is a leading-edge patient information technology that displays real-time data from your EMR, Nurse Call, and Smart Beds. A fully configured Medi+Sign system consists of Nurse Station displays, Patient Room digital whiteboards, and door displays in the hallway outside the patient room. Each screen displays a unique data set to quickly communicate patient status to clinicians and patient-focused information to the patient and family.

Patient Room Displays
The MEDI+SIGN digital Patient Room whiteboard display replaces traditional dry-erase boards in hospital patient rooms. This patient and family facing digital solution solves many problems that can arise with the traditional whiteboard.  Patient data is continuously updated as providers revise the electronic health record (EHR), healthcare acronyms are translated for easy patient understanding, handwriting is no longer up for interpretation, and healthcare providers no longer need to take the added step of manually updating the dry erase whiteboard.

Unlike many other available healthcare technologies, the focus of MEDI+SIGN’s connected health platform is both patient and provider-centric. This unleashes even more opportunities for hospitals and healthcare providers to successfully create operational and workflow efficiencies across administrative, clinical, and informatics teams. Digital patient room whiteboards have the potential to deliver a full return on investment to healthcare providers through fall prevention initiatives, improved HCAHPS scores, and their overall Star Rating – including Core Measure and Joint Commission compliance.

Continuously Updated Information
The MEDI+SIGN Patient Room display connects to existing electronic health records (EHRs) to communicate continuously updated and accurate information on each patient’s status, without additional time or effort from nurses or the care team. Everything you would find on a traditional whiteboard and more is displayed using MEDI+SIGN. From the care team’s pictures, to the patient’s mobility status and plan for the day, information is presented in an easy-to-read format for the patient and family. When linked to Smart Beds, the patient room displays alerts the care team when the bed is not set to meet prescribed fall risk preventions. The display will even visually and audibly warn the patient to stay in bed when the bed transmits a bed exit alert.

Room Display Anti-Fall™ Technology
When paired with Smart Beds, Medi+Sign’s Anti-Fall™ technology provides a comprehensive approach to managing patient falls. A patient’s fall risk, real-time mobility status, and out of bed status are displayed on the in-room and nurse station displays. Compliance with bed patient safety procedures as defined by the EHR is at-a-glance to care teams both in the room and at the nurse station. Audible and flashing visual alarms display Out Of Bed (OOB) status for the patient, while flashing bed alarm alerts notify staff of the room alarming on the nurse station display, augmenting lights outside the room, nurse call alarms and wireless phones when integrated to nurse call.

Door Displays
digital-patient-room-door-displayThe MEDI+SIGN digital patient room Door Display alerts physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff of vital information before entering the patient’s room. The Door Display provides an at-a-glance overview of the patient’s care plan and risks, while following HIPPA regulations and using the hospital’s existing icons for seamless staff acceptance and usability. Like MEDI+SIGN’s other solutions, the Door Display connects to existing electronic health records (EHRs) and updates in real-time, promoting efficiency between all hospital teams. The customizable design can be altered to match your hospital’s current aesthetics and requires no additional time or effort from nurses and other healthcare staff.

Patient Information at a Glance
This staff-facing application is mounted in the hallway outside of each patient’s room. It presents information concerning allergies, isolations, dietary restrictions, core measures, or other precautions to the healthcare team. To protect privacy, the display does not show the patient’s name and can be customized to use your hospital’s existing alert and isolation icons.

Nurse Station Displays
nurse-station-displaysThe MEDI+SIGN digital Nurse Station monitoring display continually updates the care team on round and pain medication schedules, as well as the patient’s pain level and pain level trend. The display acts as a quick reference for patient names, room and nurse assignments, as well as potential isolations. The focus of MEDI+SIGN’s connected health platform is both patient and provider-centric, allowing more opportunities to create operational and workflow efficiencies across administrative, clinical and informatics teams.

nurse-station-display-screenshotLike MEDI+SIGN’s other solutions, the Nurse Station display connects to existing electronic health records (EHRs) and other legacy systems to streamline the work processes, and communicate updated and accurate information in real time. The customizable design can be altered to match the hospital’s aesthetics, and icons and language can be changed to your staff’s current system for a seamless integration into your hospital.

Emergency Department Displays

Small Form Factor for Emergency Departments
Housed in a smaller package to fit in the tight space of the Emergency Department examination room, and with a critical pallet of information available to the patient, the digital Exam Room whiteboard solution is engineered to provide useful information the patient needs for the short time they are in the examination room.

Patient Information in Real-Time
emergency-department-displaysThe simplified information and alerts are presented to patients in real-time and include their care team with pictures, role and name, diet, patient location, discharge status, average test time, radiology tests ordered, average lab time, and lab status. Special messages also appear when attending staff are paged to respond to an alert, notifying the patient that the staff are busy with another patient.

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