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Improve your HCAHPS noise scores (and reimbursements) using cordless phones.

Bringing Together Critical Information Across Systems and Teams for Better-Coordinated and Responsive Action with Ascom Mobility Solutions.

Communication & Collaboration
Healthcare is the ultimate team activity. But to work, each team member — from lab technicians to porters to nurses — needs access to up-to-date patient and treatment data. Ascom Patient Care Share solutions make data flow secure and easy while building on the infrastructure you already have.

Hospitals all too often suffer from ‘communication silos’ — separate units, people, and technologies that have a hard time communicating with each other. The results can be delays and patient dissatisfaction. At their worst, these silos can threaten care quality and outcomes.

Removing silos requires ‘data mobility,’ where clinical and care information is as mobile as the people who use it. This in turn calls for integration software such as Ascom Unite, and for mobile handsets that let staff securely receive messages, alerts, and clinical data.

  • Connect information across dispersed mobile workforces to help coordinate time-sensitive activities
  • Deliver information efficiently across teams’ devices and information management systems when and where needed
  • Turn multi-step and multi-location activities into coordinated workflows and communication

By enhancing your staff’s mobility and allowing them to multitask more effectively, wireless phone integration also helps support the evidence-based practice of Routine Rounding. Since caregivers can talk with their patients while they’re on the go, there are fewer interruptions to the rounding process.

When patient calls are first routed to their caregiver’s wireless device, the console at the nurse station rings less frequently. Studies show improved HCAHPS noise scores (and reimbursements) on units using cordless phones tied to nurse call.


Mobile Clinical Data
The specifics of a Mobility Solution vary from hospital to hospital. But they typically include Ascom Unite software and Ascom smartphones and/or mobile devices—all seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructures.

Solutions can typically be integrated with existing or planned ADT/EHR systems, making it possible for care teams to easily collaborate. Functions to help protect staff are also possible. ‘Man-down’ and location functions, for instance, can be especially relevant in mental health and ER environments. An increasingly important part of many staff communication solutions is the ability to support the growing range of Healthcare-related third-party apps.

Purpose-Built Mobile Devices
Whatever your mobile communication and workflow needs, the Ascom portfolio of mobile devices offers a solution—supported by Ascom Healthcare and Enterprise Platforms, accessories, professional services, training, after-sales support, and Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. The Ascom range of mobile devices includes medical-grade mobile devices, enterprise-grade Android™ smartphones, pagers, DECT and VoWiFi handsets, and ATEX/IECEx-certified DECT handsets and pagers.

Torrence has the experience and expertise to work with your IT department and phone system vendor to fully integrate Wi-Fi or IP-Dect wireless phones for a true mobility solution.

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