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Church Video Projection Systems, DLP vs. LCD Projectors and Video Screens for your Worship Space

Like any technology infrastructure built into your church, it’s important to invest in quality components and workmanship. Video projection systems are vitally important to both the message deliverers (pastors, praise bands, choirs) and the message receivers (congregation). Video projection systems can be used very effectively for simple displays of text on a video screen. To the other extreme, video projection systems can be sophisticated enough to create an immersive worship experience where video, lighting and sound will virtually surround the worshiper. Regardless of your church’s need, it is extremely important that certain key considerations be addressed by a professional video projection system designer.

Church Video Projection System Design

When you contract with Torrence Sound for your video projection system, we will consider important points that less experienced designers or lay persons may not.

  • Our video projection system design begins with a visit to your church.
  • Our church video projection system designs will always accommodate operators with varying levels of technical capability.
  • The video screen size will be tailored to your needs.
  • The video screen placement and viewing angle will be optimized.
  • Factors such as room shape, ambient light and architectural features will be considered before placement of projector and video screen is determined.
  • The location of the presenter will be taken into consideration.
  • Are remote viewing locations needed?
  • We help you understand the difference between DLP and LCD projectors and other video projection system technology.
  • Respectfully integrating the system into your worship space means we pay the utmost attention to aesthetics of matching paint and/or wood moldings, conceal wires and mounting hardware and do everything possible to preserve the sanctity of your worship area.

DLP vs. LCD Projectors

DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD projectors (Liquid-crystal Display) are two of the most popular types of projectors in demand today. In DLP projectors, microscopically small mirrors laid out on a matrix on a semi-conductor chip is used to create the image. LCD projectors pass light from a metal-halide lamp through a prism or series of filters that separate the light that become the colored components of the video signal. LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) and 3LCD are also popular video projector technologies.At Torrence Sound, our professional video projection system engineers will help you answer all these questions and more.

  • What is the difference between DLP and LCD projectors and which one is best suited for our church’s needs?
  • What surfaces or video screens are required for the projected image?
  • How does the signal get from the source to the projectors?
  • How is the video projection system networked for monitoring and control?
  • What is the TCO or “Total Cost of Ownership” which includes replacement costs for lamps, bulbs, filters or other parts and labor?
  • Will we be able to adapt to our video projection system to our growing needs and the advances in technology in the future?

Church Video Screens

The best video screen for your application will depend upon several factors. The type of projector must be taken into consideration as well as the distance from the projector to the video screen. The size of the room, the seating arrangement and the amount of ambient light should also be taken into consideration before deciding on the video screen. Image aspect ratios, the proportional relationship between the width and the height of an image, will also determine the appropriate video screen size.

Other features of video screens are:

  • Pull down vs. portable video screens
  • Video screen material
  • Video screen gain
  • Video screen viewing angle


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