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Respectful Church Technology Integration

Whether your needs are for a traditional church sound system or a state-of-the-art multi-media presentation system for a large and growing congregation, Torrence will help you implement a system that meets your current and future needs. Technology changes constantly, but you can count on Torrence to be there to help you select, install, and maintain your church technology systems—now and in the future. Torrence has been offering our customers technology systems on the leading edge of technology since 1928.

Our reputation is based on providing expert design services, industry leading products, skilled factory-trained labor and ongoing service and support. Every Torrence installed technology system includes on-site training for your staff and is backed by a full one year labor and materials warranty. Plus, our on-going service and support will help you to maintain and expand your technology system for years to come. Torrence is the factory authorized dealer for many of the finest sound and video products available.

Common Solutions

  • Concert Grade Sound Systems
  • Digital Mixing Consoles
  • Sanctuary Theatrical Lighting
  • Video Projection Systems
  • Audio and Video Recording and Duplication
  • Hearing Assist
  • In-Ear Monitor Systems
  • Theatrical Intercom Systems
  • Multi-Site Conferencing
  • Fire and Security Alarm
  • Acoustical Consulting

Church Technology Systems & Services

Assisted Listening Devices

Poor building acoustics can make listening difficult for anyone but particularly for the hearing impaired. Church Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) can provide hearing assistance to the hearing impaired so you can be sure no one is getting left out of hearing the pastor’s message


  • Induction loop assistive listening devices
  • FM (frequency modulation) assistive listening devices
  • IR (Infrared) assistive listening devices
  • Soundfield amplification assistive listening devices.

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Church Security Systems

The schedule of locking and unlocking doors for worship times, office hours, special events, weddings and funerals makes church security a concern seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.


  • Door Security Systems with OnGuard
  • Access Control Systems
  • Electronic Locks

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Church Video Projection

Video projection systems are vitally important to both the message deliverers (pastors, praise bands, choirs) and the message receivers (congregation).


  • Pull down vs. portable video screens
  • Video screen material
  • Video screen gain
  • Video screen viewing angle

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Church Audio Sound Systems

At Torrence sound, we believe there is nothing more important than the message of your ministry. Whether your needs are for a traditional church sound system or a state of the art multimedia presentation system, Torrence sound will help you implement an audio sound system that meets your current and future needs.


  • Fix acoustic problems
  • Increase intelligibility
  • Respectful sound system integrations

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Church Lighting

If you are in need of a new multi-functional system that gives you a lot of flexibility, our theatrical lighting designers will work with you to determine what system is best for you.


  • Visibility
  • Safety
  • Cost

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Other Church Sound System Solutions

Clear, discrete, and easily accessible communications between staff, technicians, and presenters is an essential component in producing a presentation of consistently flawless quality. A theatrical intercom system designed specifically for your needs by the professionals at Torrence Sound is the solution. Torrence offers multi-channel and common talk intercom systems, with station, headsets, and belt packs by leading manufacturers like Telex (Motorola), Clearcom, RTS, Production Intercom and Anchor Audio. With a properly designed and installed theatrical intercom system from Torrence your support staff will be provided the benefit of completely unfettered communications with one another that is quiet, confidential and completely concealed so as to not distract from your carefully planned presentation.

Stage monitor systems used by performers and technicians come in many forms; for audio monitoring they may be portable wedge shaped speakers on the floor directly in front of the performers, permanently installed loudspeakers, headphones, or in-ear devices so as to produce no ambient sound level. For video, the monitoring system may be flat screens or projections placed in locations specifically for viewing of the presenters such as a video prompters. Monitors may also convey data, graphical information, audience response or signals that are for the use of the presenters or system operators. Regardless of the type of information, monitors that are designed to convey sound, video, or data should be dedicated entirely separate and independent from the systems used to address the audience. The control system for stage monitors are generally much more elaborate than front of house controls or projection placed but they provide audio video or other information about the systems. Audio monitors including in-ear monitors bring sound from another system source, like your pastor’s microphone, directly to the ear of the listener to help overcome background noise and poor building acoustics.

In-ear monitors and wireless In-ear monitors are becoming more and more popular in sound systems for worship and for very good reason. Advances in technology have made current In-Ear Monitor (IEM) systems now more affordable than ever while still delivering all the benefits of better, safer audio monitoring that have made In-Ear Monitor the preferred personal monitoring system for professionals in virtually all musical, stage, and broadcast applications. Even though In-Ear Monitoring systems offer extraordinary benefits, implementing them isn’t straight forward and they don’t necessarily offer a safer listening environment without some careful preparation and operation. If your church production team is thinking about transitioning from traditional floor or side fill monitor speakers to In-Ear Monitoring, we suggest you read the rest of this article and call Torrence to consult with an audio system professional today.

Church Sound Installations

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