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Cardiac Cath Lab Equipment Toledo Oh

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Cardiac Cath Lab Equipment Toledo Oh

Cardiac Cath Lab Equipment Toledo Oh

We offer specialized Cardiac Cath Lab Equipment for critical communication needs.

Communication in the cardiac cath lab is of vital importance. Every word and every moment is critical to the success of the heart catheterization procedure. To allow interference-free communication between the cardiologist and technicians, the communications specialists at Torrence Sound have designed a superior audio system that is effective, comfortable, and private.

Features of our Cardiac Cath Lab Equipment.

The wireless non-RF cardiac cath lab system enhances communication between the healthcare professionals participating in the catheterization procedure. Advantages include:

  • Voices are clear and easy to understand, with no room noise or background sounds.
  • Lightweight, unobtrusive headsets are worn by only the technicians. The physician is unencumbered by communication equipment.
  • The physician does not have to touch any controls.
  • Complete privacy is maintained within the catheterization team.
  • There is no interference with sensitive medical equipment.

These features make the system far superior to simple wired and wireless one-way (simplex) systems. The headsets are so lightweight and comfortable that users sometimes forget they are wearing them.

Torrence has implemented this new generation of audio system in cardiac cath labs across the Midwest. With more than 70 years of technology experience, Torrence Sound has designed and installed hundreds of specialty products and systems for medical applications. Our experts can provide audio, video, fire and security solutions for your facilities, including classrooms, operating rooms, hospital rooms and boardrooms.

To learn how your healthcare facility can benefit from Torrence design, installation and maintenance, contact our technology specialists at 419.661.0678.

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