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Hospital security systems have unique challenges. Healthcare facilities typically have many entrances that must be open to visitors, patients, and staff – and other areas that must remain accessible only to authorized personnel. Security concerns can come from low-level threats like wandering patients to high-level threats like active shooters. Security personnel must always be vigilant because hospital environments are often emotionally charged, and patients can be emotionally unstable. At any moment, there could be an event that requires an entire campus to be on alert, evacuated, or locked down. These are just some of the challenges that we consider when designing a hospital security system.

lenel-s2Complex security environments require agile solutions that allow your security management team to aggregate, visualize and share security data from multiple sources. Torrence’s strategic partner Lenel OnGuard is an open-source system designed to recognize and analyze input from several simultaneous events. Seamlessly synthesizing information from access control, video, and other sensors, the OnGuard system delivers complete line-of-sight to all aspects of security and facilitates intelligent responses and outcomes.

OnGuard is an integrated access control and alarm monitoring system that delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation, and cost-efficiency. OnGuard offers unlimited scalability within a single, seamlessly integrated software solution. It has been designed to meet any size organization’s needs, from stand-alone MOBs with two-readers to large IDNs with numerous buildings and thousands of card readers located across multiple campuses.

The OnGuard system integrates seamlessly with existing business systems. The OnGuard system can bi-directionally exchange cardholder data with HR platforms and/or ERP systems, coordinate alarm/event data with emergency response systems, and provide/receive event information with building management, network management, and third-party security systems.


The Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program integrates partner solutions covering multiple product categories, including:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Multi-Technology Readers & Mobile Credentialing
  • RFID and Sensor Inputs
  • Monitoring and Dispatching
  • Time and Attendance
  • Visitor Management
  • Key Management
  • Command and Control
  • Fire, Intrusion, Elevator, and Intercom
  • Cameras
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Video Analytics and Video Management

Built using an innovative open-architecture platform, the OnGuard system provides the ultimate in flexibility, reliability, and scalability. Offerings include simple stand-alone options along with robust integrated enterprise solutions featuring advanced security and surveillance technologies. Including alarm integration, investigative analytics, event-driven recordings, and total system management, the advanced features of the OnGuard system are designed to meet your current and future security requirements. Browser-based and mobile ready, OnGuard is a robust, scalable security solution.

Torrence has been serving healthcare facilities for decades. When it comes to hospital security and infant security systems, we have the expertise and experience required to address your most challenging problems. We engineer, design, install and service hospital security and infant security systems and we have longstanding relationships with most hospitals in Northwest Ohio.

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