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Benefits of Digital Mixers

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Benefits of Digital Mixers

Benefits of Digital Mixers

Regardless of your worship style, digital mixers include features that will make your system easier to use and improve the sound of your worship service. Digital mixers store pre-configured mix “Scenes” – a snapshot of all the mixer settings recalled with a touch of a button. Built-in Auto-Mixers can automatically balance the volume when a sound operator is not available. Digital mixers allow for precise tuning of mic inputs and speaker outputs. The result is clearer sound, and more volume from the sound system before feedback occurs.

For traditional worship with a few liturgical mics, piano, choir, and basic video sources – we recommend a digital processor-based mixing system with a wall-mounted touchpanel conveniently located in the worship space to make adjustments and recall pre-set scenes. Imagine a “Funeral” scene with the necessary mixer inputs pre-selected and Auto-Mixed,  so you don’t need a sound operator to be present. With the digital mixer connected to your WiFi network, an usher using an Ipad or smartphone can make adjustments discretely during the service from their seating position.

If your worship style includes a variety of music performances, a digital mix console can store and recall channel EQ and effects settings for each member of the group as your team changes from week to week. You can “dial-in” a mix for each song during rehearsal, and quickly recall the mix on Sunday. Worship leaders can set monitor levels on the platform themselves using an Ipad or smartphone. It’s easy and convenient to record rehearsals as digital files on a USB flash drive and distribute them to the worship team via email. Multi-track recordings can be created using the mixer as the front-end to a computer-recording platform. Playing back multi-track recordings of the praise band is a great way to train new sound operators.

Whether your congregation is small or large, Torrence can provide a digital mixing solution that’s right for your church. Torrence can also configure hybrid systems that provide simplicity and ease-of-use for traditional worship events, and full-featured digital mix consoles for cantatas or praise events. Every digital mixer installation from Torrence includes free setup and training to ensure you get the most from your investment.

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